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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Today - I thought I would ask a question and show you some of my beautiful thread.

As it is FNSI - I will be doing the border of the runner today/night
My question is...do you think the border I have drawn is enough.  I am still looking at it today and trying to work out if maybe I should work more feathers in the border...I did also think that the 'piano' keys would add a nice contrast. You can see my trusty purple Marvey pen,  I drew this last night and in the heat a humidy here, it is fadeing fast!
You can also see the double curves I have done with my rulers.  It was not easy getting them even, but I got better by the time I had been around it completely. The sizes differ slightly at the corners so they all fit in.
You can also see my great stash of Aurofil thread which I got from Sue Jackson
of Sue's Sew EZ Designs
Her service is fantastic... in fact I hope to get some more soon.

Off to think and hopefully get some comments back


Linda said...

I really love the border the way you've drawn it with the straight lines mixed with the feathers. It adds a lot of dimension. I think this is a very elegant look! Love it!!

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

I think the piano keys are lovely, but you will be happier with more feathers. Maybe it is a balance thing. Or maybe a meandering viney thing interspersed in the piano keys, Or maybe just see how it looks when it is done because that will add dimension. You can see I am not much help.

Janet said...

It sounds like you're not quite convinced about what you've drawn up. The amount of quilting on the borders should balance with the inside, maybe double or triple lines will balance the density if you don't want more feathers. See if the lines will make the feathers pop, sometimes you need a bit more quilting behind them.

Beatriz said...

I´m not qualified to give an opinion. Just to admire it. Know enough to value what you´ve done so far, the way you do it and your capacity to let it go.

LeKaQuilt said...

It's a beutiful quilt and your quilting is gorgeous. I love the "piano keys" that you have drawn, but I woud have sewn double lines. This will make the border more looks more in balance.

Rebecca said...

Love the feathers ... if you make your piano keys 1/2" apart it will make the feathers stand out more and will balance for you. Draw more lines then take a look at it.... your on the right track.

*karendianne. said...

I think it's so pretty but reading the comments of others I can see that I don't have a clue about this sort of quilting y'all do! What do I know!!!! I'm with Martha. Not much help.

Patricia said...

I love what you have done and think more feathers will take away from the center. I would quilt what you have drawn and if you need a denser border for balance add more straight lines

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the comments-I think you need to add some density on the outside border. Your design of feathers+keys is perfect, just add some density to the keys. Your work is lovely!!

Sandra Henderson said...

Thinking of you often..... Miss you. Long for the days when I can be onion more. Your work is so beautiful and motivating! Praying for your cow try with the flooding, as I'm from Louisiana originally and do understand. More than most. Your is just so vast!
Hugs! Hope you are feeling well. Xo