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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year for 2014

To All My Family and Friends around the World

Have a wonderful Happy,  Healthy and Safe New Year...

May all your dreams come true


My Quilts, FMQ


All Free Motion Quilted on my Domestic Sewing Machine.

Now I can post what I have done.this year.  I was held up a bit as we moved house halfway throught the year and things were to say the least very unsettled.

This was made as a gift for a special Family overseas for Christmas....hence the Aboriginal design

Sewn with Black silk YLI thread on top and fine line neutral coloured thread on the backing.

Be warned - Lots of photos, as there are a multitude of different fillers.. plus my multi-coloured thread quilted Australian wildlife, and some applique of more Wildlife.

Oh and 2 of my trademark Ladybugs.

There are a lot of photos... and I hope its not all too much after such a time with nothing from me at all :)

 Straight ruler work above in places



One ladybug above..

Yes I did get some feathers of a sort in here

Some curved ruler work above

 Mother and child here

Same Ladybug..

Somewhere among the above lot, there is a second ladybug, a snake wrapped round an applique piece.. and a lizard quilted in the middle in the black...but I couldn't find them myself when I put these up.

And some of the mug rugs that were also gifts.

I am now working on another quilt..but I will put those pictures up in a few days.

Those will be a work in progress.

Its so good to be back!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Practise Designs, FMQ and lots of playing

I have been working thngs ouyt quietly - not a lot, but I am getting there.

Here is what I have been up to.
WARNING - lots of photos.

I was trying out thread colors

They are all yli 100 silk top and bottom...

Except this one... I actually sewed this from the other side.. as per the backing fabric.
with the yli 100 silk on top and the multicoloured thread was in the bobbin, and was King Tut
from Superior Threads.

Practising with  a ruler  

I was so feather deprived I just had to do some..
Wow - have I got rusty..so all in all this practice was well worth it for me.

 This is showing the back of my feathers on the backing fabric.

Bit more ruler work - and feathers.... trying to the designs a bit bigger.
Not easy when the mind is set for small :)

More feathers and ruler work - not too crash hot.. but fun

Here of course is a lady bug in amongst the gum leaves.. the circles and the bananas :)

 And another feather :)

This one is very wonky!

Feathers again just for fun..

 And below are some different angle shots.

Yes there is more ruler work here.

So all in all I think I will be OK to sew the quilt. 

This is what I am ,making from the little squares. Lots of hand sewing here, but that's OK as I am still waiting for my black silk thread to arrive... I so hope it gets here next week!!

Thats it for now.

See you again soon.