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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Family, Finished quilts, FMQ,

My Grandson Josh finally got his 18th Birthday quilt.  
Complete with Ladybugs, quilted in mystery places...
so much so - that I am not even sure where they are :)vb Its always fun looking for them.

This quilt is called The Pathways of Life, as there are a lot of borders, which made me think of all the pathway choices one has in life.

Then some views of the back...............
and two more painted Ladybugs.

So .. a lot of photos and now onto the next quilt.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FMQ and playing

Yesterday I was very kindly able to use a friends Sweet 16 while she worked.
How wonderful was that.
Here is what I achieved... in 5 hours straight :)


I used different threads ...mostly varigated coton...but the feather was with rayon 40wt
This one was all done with yli 100 silk on the top... and did take me some time to get the tension right.  I didnt have any luck with Invisafil

Now back to work on my Bernina 820 :)  

I did have such a lot of fun!

Thanks Rhonda :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

FMQ and playing,

Last couple of days I have been playing with my FMQ mostly with McTavishing
Time to get back to this..

 Mostly using YLI 100 thread in top and Aurifil  50 in the
bobbin.  The pink thread is a mystery one to me, but it semed to work well

 I have been watching DVD i got eith Karen McTavish,s new book.. which is so inspiring
Some of my curves were a bit wonky.

 a feather of course

and some curvy McTavishing for the first time.
As you can see I have three more small squares to sew.
My aplogies for not answering my comment  - which I will do today...
I forgot I had moderation on...lucky as I got soe more spam!

Thank you everyone for your comments - they are really appreciated

Wednesday, July 16, 2014



Its been a long time since I have done any blogging!!

I have at last completed the piecing of the Double Wedding ring quilt.

Here is what its up to..

Spread over the queen sized bed..

This is from a few days ago.. with a lot of melons and lines..

This is putting on the second last row... I put the red blanket there to show the wavy sewing line..
I must say the last 4 rows seemed so much easier to put together.. and they went together wonderfully.

and now I have to get some batting ...already have the backing..

So - it will stay like this for a bit now, till I get the 3 layers together..

I now intend to spend a few days practising my quilting, as its a really long time since I have done some...and I have a lot to do now!
So will be working on thread and tensions.. and needles...

and McTavishing... I got Karen's latest book...its great!