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Sunday, March 24, 2013

FMQ and playing,

FMQ and playing, - Sunday 24th March.

I have done some trapunto - and some FMQ over that last week...with many many interuptions.
Its far from perfect but I have really had fun.

I had huge problems with tensions - tried a few different threads

and many fillers.

The gold metallic I used around the outer part of the main design - was terrible - I had persevered for over half of the outline, and just had to puddle on.  Changed needles - altered tension - all to no avail.

Different fillers - some I had done before - some I improvised on.

I was happy with the trapunto, but hated the puffy wadding I used.  I will stick to wool... and use the puffy just for the trapunto I think

THe back was not good, but that's OK.  This piece is just for me... and it was great to practise.

Thats it for me - work again tomorrow...so I am off to the lane of nod 


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In the Mail Today,Free motion Quilt Challenge 2012,

Just received this wonderful box of goodies in the mail :)

This was quite a large box, and for a while
I was not really sure what it was.

However ... I was so overwhelmed when I opened it up.

There are so many stencils here.  
I won one of the prizes from SEWCALGAL'S
I have been so very fortunate here.
Thank you so much to SewCalGal for hosting the Challenge, and a very large thank you to
 The Stencil Company
 for giving me all these wonderful stencils... These stencils will be so treasured and well used!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FMQ , Home

FMQ, Home

Well its been an interesting start to the week.
I have managed to get a very small bit of quilting done.  I was trying some trapunto...second piece I have done.
I must admit to having the design WAY too large for the fabric piece, but I have enjoyed...at times...  playing with it.
I tried out a vase - made a few bungles on it...but thats OK..
I did the trapunto outline with Vanish thread by Superior threads...and had no problems with it...but it did stand out on the quilt...thats the white thread of course.
I started the feathers with Invisifil, a brownish colour, which was gifted to me by Joanne Threadhead...(loved the colours I received :)
Unfortunately the thread on the top kept breaking, so I changed after a while to YLI 100 silk...which worked wonderfully. Wasn't keen on my colour choice though.
Then I tried the outline with a gold metalic thread, and had breakage problems again.
I am still persevering with that and trying different things.

However Andrea has been ill with a Migraine for the last 3 days, and today I took her into school for about half an hour and then to ER for some treatment as she was just not improving  ( took about 5 hours till we got back home again)  Fortunately she did improve some, however she still has a few problems.  SO I only got to my machine at times.

Fingers crossed for school tomorrow.  Its been a bad few days for her, especially as she had a wonderful time at the School Ball in the weekend,  and sadly this has put her back a bit.

If I am fortunate I may get to work on this tomorrow ... even though I am not pleased with it.

Off to keep Andrea company for a while,  then its off to get some sleep.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

FMQ and playing,

A quick play tonight

playing with tiny feathers

The back - lots of BAD tension - will sort that tomorrow.
I have'nt done any quilting for a while and really felt the need...........

Have a lovely day all - I am off to sleep!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Tablet design with Carla Barrett 2013,

I have had a day to myself today - so I have been working on my tablet classes
( doing some sewing too)
I drew this design from some wonderful fabric I have from designer Peggy Toole - which I have used in the past for fussy cutting my POTC blocks.

This is the beautiful fabric...I copied and pasted each of the little pieces th..till it filled up the circle/  Took me a while!

Then I put my drawing onto a new layer,  and cleaned it up a bit - that took me longer :)

Another exercise was to straighten up the photo of a quilt...and as this is what I am up to...

I took a photo of my progress...

.....and straightened it.

Then I had to make an end to end pantograph design . and as I had no designs I could use...
I drew two sets of feathers...and must admit I did do them a bit too quickly, but was pleased with them anyway.

...and this is what I ended up with.

I am so happy to be doing Carla's classes again 

So a good day today - and I am off to work out some more of my sewing while I can.

I hope you all have a nice day/evening.