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Monday, June 28, 2010

Amazingly I am feeling a lot better today after another huge sleep.  I am having the day resting mostly in bed and see how I go tomorrow.

Thank you for all your wonderful mail
You have no idea how good that's makes me feel.

I am hoping to be right at least by Thursday of next week as Andrea and I have a planned holiday way down in the South West of the State to watch the whales in their migration across the Great Australian Bight at a place called Cheynes Beach It's a long drive from here and we are also staying halfway on the way there and on the way back too.

I made a mistake with the Creative Prompt word...it's Glyph...I have corrected it...silly me!

That's it from me...Back to resting

Andrea Took this photo of me last night...as you can see I have managed to do some POTC blocks.

I have now completed the 3rd row, and instead of sewing this to the first two rows...I will try to do the fourth row first.

I was much happier when this was taken.

Not at present!.

Today after sitting for 4 hours at work - and a visit to the physiotherapist late this afternoon,  I had my very first acupuncture to my back and leg...Oh my golly - I did wonder what I was doing. 
 Really did not enjoy that!!!
 I have come home and slept for 5 hours or more.. Think I must have been in shock!
I am was assured it will be fine in a couple of days...I certainly hope so.
I am thoroughly sick of this!

This is a rough sketch I did yesterday  for this weeks Creative Prompt #73

 The word was Glyph.
Back to bed and sleep again

Friday, June 25, 2010

I have been able to do a few small things and still rest in my recliner chair

The Creative Prompt #72 word last week week was ICE
My Ice picture is an Iceland Poppy

I am slowly sewing my POTC blocks while almost lying flat.
not very easy but very slowly, as I listen to The Fiery Cross in the Outlander series.
I up to block 8 in row 3..so I hope to get another row completed soon

Thank you all for your comments...They are very much appreciated.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I know I should be resting... and mostly I have been...but there is SO much I want to do!! Unfortunately the mind does not stop and rest too.
So here is what I have been sneaking to quietly do.

AND this is what happened!!

 YES - one big BOO-boo!

I slowly sat - not good...and unpicked the fabric! - not the stitches.
As you can imagine - it took a while.
One very good lesson to learn...This is the small quilt which I had hand basted..it worked well BUT
I forgot to pin the sides.
With lots of rest between times.

details of center...I really should have been good ...but ... then I discovered some of the micro stippling had not been done at this stage...

All the quilting is done...
 I was hoping to finish this - may make a cushion...and put yellow cording round the edge...but for the moment it will remain a UFO

I took these photos a few days ago...and have been working on the post when I could.

I learnt lots of lessons for this...make your border a lot larger than you intend...I ran out of room with the feathers...and will lose some of them when I put the cushion together.

That's it from me for now...and thats its for me at the machine...
Its back to rest...I was bad!

I am looking at everyones posts at times when I can ... but not for long, so please forgive me if I dont reply to you all...
I will if I can.
Of course I was trying to do some other small things too...but NO...not now.

Andrea and I are planning an adventure for the school holidays in a couple of weeks - and it involves some driving...and after sitting for 4 hours or more at work today...
things are most uncomfortable again and I am back to try harder to keep where I should be.

I really do miss being here.
AND I am missing my One Flower Wednesdays too!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

While sitting, half lying down.. and half resting...it is possible to do a few things other than sew.
I have made two doodles - Just to make sure :)

Bulls Eye
This is a first for me. The word prompt for Creative Prompt #71 is Eye 
Eye See(s) a Flower

Oh and I nearly forgot. Deanna, of weddingdressblue is running a giveaway..
a Curve Master Presser foot
You can go and visit her here to see it...and be in it too.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some photos of our trip to Perth and back last week.

Andrea helping her younger brother Patrick at her fathers house last Friday


Andrea on the suspension Bridge crossing the Murry River at Pinjarrah
A 'stretch legs and back stop' , halfway home

The murray River at Pinjarrah taken from the suspension Bridge.

I have been bad and done some quilting, but I need to go and listen to my book for a bit
and put my feet up.

Not good ... this sitting.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just a quick note to let you know I am unable to sit for long at the computer or the sewing machine. 
Please forgive me for not answering the comments at present...
I will post again when I am more comfortable.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

 One Flower Wednesday 9th June

My contribution for the Garden.
My golly it was cold outside when I took this photo

Happy Gardening everyone. :)

POTC No 6 in the third row completed today...2 more to go for this row, then I will join the rows I have completed so far....which take some time...

There are 8 POTC blocks to each row and there are 9 rows...so lots to go.
The main part of the blocks are all done, and all the small joining squares...I just need to sew all the cream on and the small 1" joiners.
Just - :)

It was cold and foggy here last night.  This was taken just before the sun went down at 5.45pm.

This is Andrea with the beautiful Carrot cake she made for our guests over the weekend.

Now I need to sew what I unpicked of the small quilt...hope to get this done tonight.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Four sides of large feathers completed

It is almost completed..I now have to decide whether to try some micro stippling anound the large feathers to make them stand out.
It will keep till tomorrow. 

Some details of the design...a bit off course in places!

I am going to unpick this corner heart feather, as I have not got the tension right on the back, and am not happy with it.

THEN I may get the binding done...

I did have some problems with the large feather design and had to rea-adjust as I sewed...the sides were not even, so one of the corners is a bit out, and the feathers at times overlapped in the centre - so thats where I changed it a bit as I went along...I guess it IS FMQ ...of a sort :)

Now I am going back to my POTC blocks where I can sit comfortably. 
My back in not a happy chappy!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Slow working today on my POTC's
(Patchwork Of The Crosses)

I now need to sew the surrounding cream borders of the other 3 blocks for this 3rd Row.
The first two completed rows are still up on my design board as are all the other blocks...in order - all waiting for the  surrounding cream pieces  and filler blocks.
LONG way to go Yet!

We have friends staying for the weekend..and its a holiday on Monday  ( Foundation Day)- so I don't think much will get done for those days....maybe some of my hand-sewing ...POTC blocks ??

Oh yes - and our chooks laid their second egg Woohoo!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

As we only have windows of time due to health problems here...we have been have been having fun when we can. 

This is Mal, Andrea and the Girls late today.

Great Excitement!!!
The first egg was laid today...Whooo hoooo

Quilting Progress

The first feather is sewn and the next section marked ready to go again

It was actually quite comfortable to sew as long as I went slowly.

One Flower Wednesday
As its also One Flower Wednesday, and time is not good for me today, I have posted a GFG I started some years ago...and have never got any further with.
Funny how tastes in colour change - these are not colours I would choose now.
This is done by English Paper Piecing method - I bought the prepared papers from my good friend Liz from Lizard of Oz, and it is from one of her designs. Liz is Andrea's God Mother.
I think I will try to get this done slowly, maybe Wednesday is a good day for this!
Have lots of Inlingo started and need to get some of that done too

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Some small thing achieved and how I have done it.

Marking the template - no thread and no bobbin.
Pouncing the design onto the fabric

Final result.
I don't think I will go over it with the white wash-away pen ...I will quilt it direct, and only put the design on as I complete each quilted section.
Maybe later.
One Flower Wednesday tomorrow ... comes around fast.

Just looking at the date today - June 1st.  My DH and I got engaged 51 years ago today - Near the end of the Month - we celebrate our Golden Anniversary...
50 years - my goodness!!