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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

As we only have windows of time due to health problems here...we have been have been having fun when we can. 

This is Mal, Andrea and the Girls late today.

Great Excitement!!!
The first egg was laid today...Whooo hoooo

Quilting Progress

The first feather is sewn and the next section marked ready to go again

It was actually quite comfortable to sew as long as I went slowly.

One Flower Wednesday
As its also One Flower Wednesday, and time is not good for me today, I have posted a GFG I started some years ago...and have never got any further with.
Funny how tastes in colour change - these are not colours I would choose now.
This is done by English Paper Piecing method - I bought the prepared papers from my good friend Liz from Lizard of Oz, and it is from one of her designs. Liz is Andrea's God Mother.
I think I will try to get this done slowly, maybe Wednesday is a good day for this!
Have lots of Inlingo started and need to get some of that done too


Betsy said...


Anonymous said...

visiting your blog and seeing the beautiful quilt in your header makes me happy. Absolutely gorgeous. The flowerquilt is also striking. I do recognise your change of colourtaste, but hey, this is a really nice combination of colours, hope you will finish it and that we see more of it.

Terry said...

First eggs and feathers completed. Small pleasures but events to celebrate.
I like the hexagons even if you wouldn't choose the same colors.
Enjoy the time and stitch when you can.
Hugs Terry

Sue said...

Always nice to see your beautiful flowers! You are coming along nicely:)

Do you use inklingo to sew yours together? I've been thinking about giving it a try.

Crispy said...

Soooo did you eat the egg or are you working on increasing the flock?


Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers.

Joanne said...

First egg how exciting!
The feathers are so beautifully done and well designed, I love how the lady incorporated so well!

Chartreuse Moose said...

One day at a time, and if that doesn't work, one hour at a time!
First eggs, how nice! The machine quilting is fabulous! Hugs and wishes for a good Wednesday!

Deanna said...

My children keep trying to talk me into chickens. You make it look fun.

Marcia said...

It's beautiful. I'm glad you are going to continue to be a part of the group.

Cathi said...

I like those flowers -- you could always turn it into a small table topper if you really don't like the fabrics/colours anymore.

Marion B. said...

Maybe these colours can become a challenge?

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

How exciting! And lovely quilting.

Sandra Henderson said...

(You see I have my priorites in order~love my chooks!)
This is the first photo I've seen of Andrea. She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Lovely flower garden and feather... XO

Melissa ;-) said...

You are so right about how our tastes change. Those neons i used to covet have no place in my stash today!

Karen said...

That is a wonderful GFG, you must finish it!

merumo said...

Your machine quilting with the feather pattern looks gorgeous!! Machine quilting is one of the thing on my to do list during this summer, but it is really hard for me. And your garden is growing very nicely with pretty flowers :)

Sharon said...

Your hexi's, Yes our taste changes, I pulled mine out from years ago and sort of cringed. Then realized if I started from scratch again, I'd be in the same boat 3-4 years from now, so I'm pushing on. I pulled in red as my connector color and that has helped keep me motivated.

Anonymous said...

I love your garden, Joan, and I can't wait seeing it grow ;>)

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

I love your flowers :-) The colours are great !

Theresa said...

It's a lovely combination of colours Joan - good luck with making some more progress on it :)