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Monday, May 31, 2010

Last design for the small quilt.

While hoping very much for a school day tomorrow -  in my spare time  that dratted pencil flew into my hand again :)
Now I need to sew over the design with only  the sewing needle ...no thread..and then use the white pounce pad to put it on the quilt..tomorrow! 
Thought as it was a practice quilt - I would try for something that hopefully looks a bit ..Victorian ? ...the spaces filled with the feathers.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finished this peice for now.

I included the measure and the pen to show how small a piece it really is.
The top is sewn with silk. 
It jut fits into a plastic sleeve and is in a folder now... though I really like it now, and am wonderfig what to do with it...Maybe I should bind it..or something.

Here is the back - .. I am even happy with that! 
First time I think I got the tension right.
The bobbin had Aurofil 50 wt cotton.

I came accross - while trying to tidy up my VERY messy studio - the information about the Fabrico pens :) 
Told me it didnt require heat setting :)
Could have missed that test bit after all!

Friday, May 28, 2010

First half of design sewn.

I did test it out first - the blue marking pen did wash out after I ironed the fabric...so I went ahead and sewed one half.  I have actually painted water on the blue to see what it looks like - so I shall wash it all when I have completed it tomorrow...maybe.

I am off now to hand sew for a change.

The next experiment

I 'painted' this with Fabrico pencils after drawing with the blue wash-away pen first. 
Today I am going to first wash the fabric..hoping the blue will disappear and the paint will stay - then I will iron to fix - and hope the paint is left after washing...and then hopefully will do the quilting...

Maybe I will first try a piece with blue and paint on first before I destroy things.
We shall see ...

You can see two little ladybugs in the top right corner that I was also playing with - drawing direct with the pens.

I should have worked on this size fabric for all my FMQ,  as this size will fit into clear folders and I could save them for future reference...better late than never :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Playing a little with my FMQ  samples.

I found some of my Fabrico fabric pens, which I got some time ago and was wondering what would happen if I 'painted' on the fabric design with it...not quite sure how to fix it - or even if it will.
I will check it out on the net as I have forgotten what to do.  The colour was a bit dark - and I need to find out how to get it lighter.
I feel I am meant to heat set it, and may hang it by the fire for a while.. if that doesn't work and I am not occupied with Andrea's Migraines (which are bad at present- hence me playing only).. I may iron it and wash it - and just see what happens.
Not much planned now - except sleep tonight.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here is my One Flower Wednesday for  May 26th

Two are made from the beautiful pieces I recieved from Sandy , including the lovely fussy cut piece,  and one from mine.  I have decided to surrond them with the plain cream fabric, so may do some of the surronds next week 

My count today is now 23 Thanks to Sandy's gift also.
I think I may need to scatter some more dark ones in there?

Now - sewing my POTC's again.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday

This wonderful parcel of goodies from Sandy in Sandy Springs MC USA
How very special!
Flowers for my One Flower Wednesday collection and some ready cut, already printed with Inkingo, hexagons to easily get some more flowers together.
A wonderful chicken pin-cushion .
Andrea was so delighted too...as there is some fabric for her and a fantastic book she can write in as a journal for her poems and such...she already has her first poem in it called Echoes.
Thank you, thank you Sandy - it is really fantastic!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FMQ Challenge 22nd May  - Last piece for now

This is the last piece for the FMQ Challenge - the sun was out for a while and it is easier to see the pattern developing.  Today when I went to take a photo - no sun...so I shall post the back of the completed sample and when the sun finally comes out and the light is good - I will post another photo of the completed front - bound and all! 

This as you can see is the detail on the back -
NOW - I need to move onto some hand sewing again!

The top was sewn with a soft red silk thread and the back in a light Aurofil thread... I used a #70 sewing needle. The wadding was cotton and the completed piece has been washed.
I did use the BSR for a while - but I changed to an  open-toe darning foot,  as I felt more comfortable using that.
I will post the front again when we have sunshine - May be a while :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

FMQ Friday 21st May...I must be nearly at my 2 weeks - today?  tomorrow??

The blue plastic is a freehand drawing I have done for a template - but I cant work out how to use it other than using the light box.
Ladybug is there too, nestled in the feathers.
The orange Batik I have drawn freehand and more or less followed it as I went.. 
 I washed out the pen - and the back is now a bit blue since I took this photo :(

This shows the back - I have now actually done all the circles in the stems...but having trouble with the tension, so I am off to watch some TV. 
I have yet to plan the border...but have some ideas at least now.

Some photos of quilts and the WAFTA exhibition at the Perth Craft Fair taken yesterday

This was the first we looked at.  The WAFTA - West Australian Fibre and Textile Association had this wonderful exhibition of work done by some of it members. 
The work was really wonderful and quite varied. 
This is my friend Liz, and this is one of the two pieces she entered in this exhibition.
Liz also has an on-line store and specialises in English Piecing here

First quilt I need to show you is Julia's quilt.  What a wonderful quilt that is!
Congratulations to Julia...

These samples are on a board advertising a class to be held by Jan Rowe in June of this year...
This was just so interesting and I just wish I could attend...

My Grandfathers Flower Garden by Margaret Smith, an Accredited Judge. When exhibited in the Memories Quilt Exhibition in 1996 It was awarded 3rd Prize in the theme section
It is Machine pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted.

This photo does not do this beautiful quilt justice, but I have included it and will show some details. 
It was a double sided quilt and was made and sewn by Jo Northcott
It won Best Longarm quilter.

This is the reverse side of the quilt - Just beautiful .... gold stitching and 'sparkles' too.

These next two photos show some of the wonderful details.

You can tell the quilting was interesting to me :)

 Friendship  was made by Robynne Vallence - this won the President'[s Choice.

Enchanted By Karleah Olson - in the Student quilt maker 14 - 18 years .  It shows the Prince with his sword in the walls of the enchanted palace in Sleeping Beauty.  As you can see it won a few awards!

This beautiful quilt was made by Sheila Pye in the Traditional Predominantly Applique - Professional
It is called Coxcomb and Currents revisited.  It is an original Design.
A beautiful quilt.

I hope I have this one correct ..
Called William Morris and Friends and made by Helen Rhodes. It won 2nd Prize fin the Predominantly applique  Professional division.

I was getting a bit wonky on my feet at this time - so sorry about the loss of some of the quilt.  This is called My Hexagon Rose garden by Dale Bergin.  It took 3 1/2 years to complete and has 1340 hexagons in it. It is an original design.  I won a Judges Commendation and is hand quilted.
The quilting in this was wonderful I thought :)
This was called Across the Rubicon by Cheryl Botha.
This won a first prize for First Time Entrant.

A close up of the beautiful quilting.

This was absolutely AMAZING  First Prize  by Jan Roe..Tropical Delight!

All things bright and beautiful - Jane Rowe

My apologies to the makers of the following quilts - I stopped writing them down...

Another beautiful Quilt by Sheila Pye - You can see all the awards it won in a previous show.

I can't put a name to this one sadly..but its really beautiful - the quilting is amazing!

So that's it from me for this year on quilt Shows.  It really was well worth the visit.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

 FMQ Thursday 20th May

Actually did this late last night as I knew I would be beat today after the Craft Show in Perth :)

Have completed the center fillers.

Now... after two glasses of wine...I am off to sit and do nothing for the evening.

Will post photos of the Perth Quilt and Craft Fair tomorrow - when I hope to have caught up after a hectic day...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy One Flower Wednesday

My small contribution was sewn as I sat in the dark under a street light as I waited for Andrea to finish Ballet lessons tonight. 
 I fell asleep - in the car too Listening to an audio book.

I am off to the Perth Craft Show tomorrow - drive 90kms to the train in Mandurah and then train
to Perth ...if I can navigate it all :)  That is the real test.
Lots of lovely quilts to see and lots of goodies to look at...and try to keep my hands in my pocket!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FMQ Challenge Wednesday 19th May

All four small borders completed!
 The quilt Halo is really working well.
According to my calculations - I have 3 more days to go for the Challenge ?
Next I will do the fillers for the center...then I need to work out how I am going to do  the final border.
Oh My Gosh - its One Flower Wednesday too...
I have lots to do :)

FMQ Tuesday 18th May

The quilt halo came in the mail today - so I have used this to do all the feathers in the small borders...and filled one in by outlining it.  I works wonderfully - and no quilting gloves used!!
 In the top right hand corner there is a small Lady Bug...my trademark for my quilts - when I remember...so I thought I had best try to sew one without stopping and try to get it right.

All for now - its nearly 12.30am and time I had some sleep.  Hopefully I will finish this tomorrow,

Monday, May 17, 2010

FMQ Challenge Monday 17th May 2010

As you can see this is a work in progress.
I  have drawn and prepared the design for the small border.
I have first machine sewn the design with needle only - no thread, then transferred the design to the fabric using the Pounce pad,,,and a blue powder.  Hopefully it will come out of the fabric, as I have not tested it first!
I then went over the design with a blue washable pen. 
The Right side border is sewn with the antique coloured silk, the back and the left sides are drawn ready to sew, and the front border was not at that time drawn on, and I was in the process of using the pounce pad for that as you can see.
I may leave the rest of the machine sewing for the last of the small borders for tomorrow - as I am a bit weary just now.
Then I will use fillers round all the feathers...and progress from there. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

FMQ Sunday 16th May

Just completed this sample that I have been working on over a couple of days.

Have a new computer...and a whole new learning curve..so please excuse me if I am a bit late answering comments .  Its so wonderful to get these - and I do appreciate them.
I will try to get these up to date later tonight

Our friends Russ and Liz have been here for the weekend, .  Andrea and I are SO delighted ...I have a new computer and Andrea has my 'old' one made new :)
 Andrea is busy working on homework - and I am just trying to work out how everything works.  Thankfully Andrea is a great help.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I couldn't t resist showing this wonderful photo of my eldest Grandsons, four of Stuart and Jennifer's sons taken on Mothers day, at Kings Park in Perth.
They all look so wonderfully happy!
Kristoffer, Morgan, Jakeb and Joshuah.
How fast they grow up!
Stuart left on his travels to the UK today. Jennifer Joins him next week.

Friday 14th and Saturday 15th FMQ Challenge

Saturday 15th a quick add on to the top feather...will try to get some fillers sewn on tomorrow.
I used the antique gold silk on the top feather which I did on Thursday
and a pinkish-faun silk on the lower feather.
This also has one of my trade-mark Ladybugs, which I have been putting somewhere on all my quilts. 
Now and again I forget..so I will add them to the labels I think.
I am trying to work out how to do them all in one go...so its a matter of practice to see which works best.

And Friday14th...Green silk used on this one,