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Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge 2012

Movie is done..Andrea put the music to it thankfully.

It may be a bit long and the quilting bit is not terribly clear, but here it is!

Thanks to Andrea for her help getting the final bit done.

Hope you enjoy it.

FMQ Callenge 2012 October

FMQ Challenge 2012 October

Well  I have been sewing some more between other things - does my heart good!

Had a problem or two so I will try again tomorrow.

I had Laura ask me how I did my nauticle shell sewing - so I thought the best thing I could do was to
actually draw them and sew them.
Unfortunately I cant remember how I got music in to my other recordings - too long between them...
So ... its a silent movie :(
and as yet I have been unable to work out how to get it here :(

 Its not a very good picture - if you had seen how I did the movie with my camera... you would have giggled,  but hopefully its not too bad. 

Used a variety of thread ...mostly silk with fine line in the bobbin

All these pictures are of the same piece - the light was not too good in the folloinwg ones.
The first picture is more the colour of the satin.

This nautical Shell (became a snail) is the one I did the video of.

Thats it - I am off to bed!!

As you can see - I have a way to go with this piece.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

FMQ Challenge October - Piece #2

I have been having fun!  
Trying out lots of threads on this piece which I started last night and have just finished today.

Its been raining here today so there wasn't a lot of light for the photo!
My play piece is about 8" x 4"

The first thread I used was Rainbow thread by Superior 
threads which I did my name with and a Nautilus shell.  I really don't like multi coloured threads - but I tried them out anyway. 
The light brown larger feathers are sewn with Aurifil 40...I changed needles up and down as required...and played with tensions.
The yellow centre of the feathers is a yellow Sulky 40 plus circles too.
Bouncing Bananas - pink Mettler Polythene 40
Blue is embroidery polyester ? weight
Bright green is embroidery polyester ? weight
Red feather is YLI silk 100
Pink Shells are Gutterman 100% polyester ? weight
Mauve at the bottom is Sylko fast dye by Dewhurst - an old reel of thread on an original wooden reel.

OK - Thats it I think.  Broke one needle as I pulled the thread as it was going down - a nasty habit I have.  You would think I would remember by now.

Well I think thats it for a bit .
I really enjoyed this and it was nice to be sewing for a bit.

Would you believe - the sun just came out!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challeng October 2012

Well I have done this one on a small scale so I didnt take too long .

Thank you to Teri Lucas  who is our tutor for this month.
I have really enjoyed geting to this one, and indeed just sewing!
Its  great tutorial!

The top of the J looks likes its nodding :(  better next time I hope.
Also - a great big thank you too to SewCalGal for holding this challege.- and keeping me on track.
I am learning so much!

What I nearly forgot to say is, that I used several different cotton on top of the peice, and Bottm line on the bobbin for all the work.
I used some rainbow thread from Superior ( I found some Rhonda ) Threads, some King Tut, some silk - which I just love, and some other cotton which I cant remember at present. :(
I also changed the titanium needles - lower for the silk and highter for the 40 weight.  I didnt use the
Aurifil - for a change.

I hope to get some more done on this Months Challenge...
When I do I will post it.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Free Motion Quilting

Small Practice piece.

Keeping in touch!
I thought today I would so some bouncing bananas with a small FMQ feathered heart I did yesterday.
This as sewn with pale blue aurifil top thread and bottom (50) and an 80 titanium needle and white satin top and backing with a double batting - top wool and bottom cotton.
No time at present to do more.