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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am here briefly again.
As you will see - I have been watching Sharon Schamber videos on how to design a quilt. 
I have been drawing at spaced intervals
...and wishing I could sew :(
However this will keep
I have just glued the 8 pieces together...and am REALLY ready to rest again!
This is my first whole-cloth design...I now have to work out how I am going to get it enlarged and printed.
I was fortunate to get some Kaleidoscope mirror's at a quilt shop in Albany...however they were not really big enough.  So I ordered 2 12" mirrors and we taped them together...So I did one 45 degree corner and was able to see what it would look like before I stuck it together. 
I am pleased with the result.  The rest will keep.

One more very important thing is that we had special visitors at the weekend... Liz and Rus ... and yes - I did lie down lots.

We had had Birthdays that we had missed - Mine in June and Russ's in early July.
Here is a photo of what Liz made for me...
6 Placemats...very special !!

Liz made the design on the fabric using 4 different sized lids and bleach.  She has also machine quilted all the placemats. Liz will no doubt explain this when she gets to putting it on her web-site...and I have remembered to post her the photo's:)

We got Russ a Pizza 'hot plate' and a pizza recipe book to go with it...He is a great cook!!
I am now off to rest some more - listen to my book and do the 5th row of my POTC's - yes - I am nearly half way...needing to joining the 3rd and 4th rows...but doing it in a different order just for a change.

I will be away this time for a while.

Thank you for the comments on my last post...you are all wonderful :)
And I miss you all too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have been home for a bit now, but still not right and pain remains with me. I dont sit at the computer for long.
We have a great holiday, saw a total of 26 whales...and my DH Mal actually came with us for a few days. Here are some photos of our trip

Andrea, Mal and me! 
as you may guess it was cold.    

 I am having problem s with my posts...they wont work as I would like them to...so I will just get these up anyway.

Some of the whales at Cheynes Beach.  I think they were Southern Right whales
This is how far the whale in the top photo is from us.

Andrea at Circular Pool near The Valley of the Giants Walpole.
It was pouring, and hailing, but we managed our visit with lots of laughter.

Some of the coastal bush in Waichinicup National Park
Mal on the Tree Walk in the Valley of the Giants.  They are all giant Tingle Trees
Very unique I believe

Me amongst the giants

Conspicuous Cliff Walpole.
It was too cold and windy to go further, so Andrea climbed up to this lookout.
Farmland and cattle at Walpole
Walking down part of the Bibbulmen Track.

This is a 1000km walk. 
we didnt walk that far :)  This part of the track is in

More later - I need to go rest!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Just a quick note to let you know all your comments are coming through to me on my email. For some strange reason nothing is showing up in the 'comments' bit.
Thankyou to all for your lovely remarks. I am trying to answer them as they come in for the moment.

I am also having huge problems with my 'New Posts'...so Blogger must have some sort of problem or other.

I will get back to you all when Andrea and I return after 17th July.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Completed Row 3 of Patchwork of the Crosses

Showing one half -
'Other half'  Plus - not yet joined, the first three of the 4th Row.
Good that I can do something while lying down :)
Five and a half rows to go!!

After a visit to the Physio again yesterday(NO acupunctue thankfully) I am improving enough to go on our trip - and resting lots when we get there.  Storms are forecast for the days we are there...which fortunatley Andrea and I dont mind, as it means we can rest and sew.listen to books/read/knit and enjoy DVD's.  Lovely choice!
We will be away untill the 17th July, so I dont think I will be able to use the lap top while away..but will try.
I have been watching everyones posts and enjoying them..again no comments from me are being made as it takes too long to sit here. BUT  I miss you all.

Hope to have some photos of our adventures so you can share some of Australia with us.
Hope it stips storms enough for us to try to see some Whales in the middle of our holidays.

Creative Prompt #74: word this week is  Celebration
Mine is a happy Birthday .
No more of these as I will be away.

Look forward to arriving back here soon.