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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Home and family

Hi all

Some photos of Andrea modelling at the Betty Tran show in Perth last month

 Beginning the walk
 Standing to let people see
 Showing the back
All the models - Andrea is just about to turn
This was quite something and it was in Perth..so went were and stayed the night for this.
Its been a long time since I posted...and I have been playing with blogger!!
Shouldn't have done that as I have lost all my blogs I follow...
Still can't work out what to do.  I was actually trying to put some more blogs in the list...and now all are gone.  
Any suggestions - they would be most welcome.

I may go into the studio now and look at all the things I have to do.

 Sort things out....

As you can see,  I am quite disorganised!!  
Its cold here too.. another excuse :)

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Still no progress

Fell over in Perth last week... sign of maturity ??  

Thought I had cracked a rib - didn't, but it sure feels like it!
No more sewing as yet!

Andrea has ongoing migraines.. lots of time off school..
Emergency treatment yesterday and still not good.

DH is amazing!

We WILL get somewhere soon :)

No time for pictures!

Its pouring with rain too ...and its lovely :)