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Monday, January 28, 2013

BOM 2013 -Pieces of time - A sampler quilt.by Lori Smith

It has been so hot here, so at times not much has been done.
I have now finished  6 blocks( ahead of the others sharing the BOM, as I am not sure if other things will stop me, and I don't want to lag behind )

  Appliqué block 1
Also - all my blocks will be 'Amish' I think, as they are all a bit incorrect :(
This one I did the wrong way around ... 
I always try to admit to my mistakes, cause they REALLY annoy me. But I have been too lazy to correct them...  
 Appliqué block 2
I found this one a bit difficult...need to perfect my style.

This is pieced block 1

In the pieced blocks I now need to get done 3 and 3... so thats next I think.

I have also made a movie to see if I can show you have I did the appliqué
This is the block I was sewing

Yes it also is "Amish" as I lost one of the petals of the flower..and added another circle!
So - nothing is perfect :)

I have uses a needle size 80, Sulky mono filament in the top, and 50 Aurifil in the bobbin.  
I started using my 820 Bernina- the thread kept breaking - so I changed thread to Superior thread monopoly..
It still kept breaking.
I then changed to my 440 Bernina machine, and had more success on that...I also put a new need in...and it worked fine..

This is the setting on my 440 QE Bernina I used..

I have been a follower of Sharon Schamber for some years now, and always go back to her videos to check how to do various methods.
I did that this time too.  So the way I have tried to do this, is to use Sharon Chambers video for guidance.

Pieced Block 3
 I made this block while I tried to work out the movie...takes me quite some time.
So now I need to do Pieced block2.

I am also sewing another Hop to It Block and some Grannies hankies ones too.
I had these blocks all sewn together, and I need to finish them and start the ones I missed...
Plus too many other UFO's!!

Ooops - nearly forgot Andrea on Australia day.
My elder DD has her Birthday on Australia day too - so its doubly special 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Piecing and Applique

Some more things I have actually got done today!! 
Nothing seems to match up as it should!on this block below.

This was meant to be Northumberland Star...I think I have a problem with actually SEEING the patterns.  I put the flying geese on the right way at first - thought they were incorrect and frogged them - did them again ...wrong sides to wrong sides...more frogging!
Eventually I ended up with this block - and I am afraid it will have to do.
Piecing is a problem for me...unless it is explained meticulously.
Unfortunately Andrea was missing.

This one is from the Hop to it block challenge - and as usuall I am WAY behind in this one!
SO I actually now have it sewn together - not just glued.  I took me quite a bit of time, and I actaully manage to sew it on my Nessies (820 Bernina) I found it was so easy to work out the tensiono for this.
I have three more of these to sew!

It is SO hot here again.  The cyclone Narelle is slowly coming down the coast.  By the time it gets here - its will be a Low and we will just have a few storms... and lots of humidity.

May get some more things done later this evening...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

BOM 2013 -Pieces of time - A sampler quilt.by Lori Smith.

This is a quilt I am doing with four others...I think :)

I picked pieced block #6 ( made a mistake - it should have been #4)

I always have difficulty with pieced blocks...this one didn't go too well, but its OK for a first for this one.

This is appliqué block #4.
I am ahead of this one for the moment, but of course now I have to tidy up my studio as I cant find anything again!! 
I am also machining the appliqué of my Hop to it blocks...while the machine is set up.
AND I have been trying to make some postcards...something else that need practise. 

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Free motion quilt designs.

A quick play at home and a wonderfu gift that arrived.

My gift

    My present from Janet in England - one of the talented Free Motion Quilting 2012 participants
The small white trading card is mine - I was shown how to do them by a dear friend... and ths was a practise one....some lovley fabrics from Janet and the three cards and some of the curtain pelln...I think thats what is called ,,,and I was so delighted with this - thank you Janet so much.
A play piece with this beautiful coloured fabric that wa in the bundle.. I drew the spines in and FMQ the rest.
and then today - this card arrived.
Its a beautiful card Janet  - I just love it. 
Thank you Janet.  Surprisingly our fiends are from about a mile from where you live
Liz and Russ are Andrea's God-parents and Russ's father has immigrated to Australia and has lived where you are Janet untill the last 18 monts.
What a coincindence.
Thanks again.


Christmas 2012

We had several parties with family over the Christmas Break,,, but I forgot my camera on our fist and very important one at my son Stuarts with his wife Jen, four GD's and the rest of my family.  
Stuart has gone to Denver in USA for 1 year as an exchange teacher...and is in fact there as I write - and its a cold place to go to from 40C heat here to -15C there.
Here is a photos of Joashuah, the first day he had hos P plates and was able to drive on his ow.  He is now in Denver for a year in high school

So then on Christmas Eve we had another celebration at my eldest DD's  house so there were our 2 DD's and their families too..in the love new additions to their house. and their families were there.
Christmas day - breakfast


and Dinner

We all have a great day - beach every morning with the children...even me too - a first in a long time.

40C temperatures for ab out 6 days - too hot by far!