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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Practice piece and Zentangling

I did a small piece for practise on my Granny's Hankie BOM
and have managed to get most of the February block  done.
Cant finish it at present as my back is still not good and I guess I realy shouldnt have been sitting and sewing.

So now I am back to reading -
and not doing much
and here are some more Doodlings

My DH is improving daily :)
Andrea had only one migraine last week-

Now I need to improve or something,

Have a great week.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

FNSI, Designs and family

I managed to get a small (tiny ) bit of FMQ done for FNSI
Was not able to sit for long...but its a start.

                                                             As I said - just a tiny bit :)

 some drawings I did while sitting with Mal in hospital
My younger DD claimed this one to frame...

I call this one my sea monster

Elder DD wants this one

and maybe this one.

I actually did this on Wednesday ...and this is the carpet that was in the hospital...
It makes a great filler design for quilting.

And Andrea, in her new dress.... and shoes
Amazingly she is now 15!!

Thats it from me.

Pleased to say Mal is improving somewhat slowly .. has good and bad days
but we struggle on :) and keep positive.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


This is some of what I have been doing while keeping my DH company.

Playing at quilting.


Some more play.

I have also finished another scarf which has already gone to one DD.. and have started another.

The good news is that my DH has recovered from surgery..results are all benign and gone!!  He should be back to normal and just needs to gothrough his recovery and be good when he gets home!

What a relief!!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Home and Family

Last post for a while...
Forgot I had made this a week or so ago...

Before Andrea had her current illness she made up some recipes and we had some lovely meals.

            We loved what she cooked ...hopefully she will do some more when she is better.
                                       It was so nice to have someone else do that cooking :)
                                                  Hoping she is well again soon.

Playing with FMQ

Yesterday I got some more of this done.

Its my own designed feather Piece.
I havent been able to sit for long to do this... so it was great to actually get some done.
A lot of it is more micro-quilting, which I love. 
I did get a bit muddled in a couple of places, but I think thats OK.  I still have a long way to go, and it takes quite a while to do.
I am using a batting I have never used before and I think its a bit soft
Time will tell I guess.

It is pouring with rain outside and the wind is about gale force...
We have had one front after another roll by us here
and the wind has been dreadful.  It always seems to happen at night. and that seems worse.

Well I am off to get some things done now. 

Maybe I will get some more of this done later - if I am lucky :)