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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Threadhead Quilt Along

At last - I have the border blocks cut, pinned and ready to sew.
I have had to use a different fabric for the light strips as I had run out of the one I used.

Hopefully this will get sewn during next week.

Still thinking about what to do for the last border..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Same old - same old!

At least this part is completed for the moment... I need a larger pair of mirrors!

I am working very hard on my Photoshop lessons...and doing lots of mind planning, not much else!

Most of my time is working at the computer on the lessons.

I have Andrea's cushion to complete... and my Threadhead Quilt along to finish ( still waiting on my fabric to arrive so I can complete the top)

We have visitors arriving tomorrow for the weekend, which we are looking forward to.

Have an good weekend.

Sorry I am not getting to many blogs - but will do so when I can...

I miss you all!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Designing in progress

Have had a busy weekend, but mostly non-quilting...and some lessons - still heaps to catch up there.
in between other things I am slowly re-doing a small wholecloth I did some time ago, with the thought I may add something like borders and then more borders...as I cant quite work out how to exactly do a large whole cloth quilt.

I wish I could work out how to get nice fine black lines...and I am hoping to see if I take this to a printing place I can get it all together neatly. 
Sadly I cant remember how exactly I go it all together for the last one...but if I get one square - it will be easy to put on the fabric - I think !! Maybe just the pencil lines will be enough for me to copy as it is.

Then I will need to design the various borders!!

I am also waiting for fabric to arrive to get my Thread Head BOM borders on, and  get that one all put together - and work on my feathered star block - which I am doing by hand ...slowly!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Some success today - Nessie has been busy!!

Finished the piping and  backing ( also yellow)- with a zip in...( which I am not comfortable doing ) of a cushion which has been wating to be completed for some time.

Unfortunately I am unable to show it with the cushion inside as I dont have one that fits...:)- BUT the cushion is finished
I have Andrea's cushion to do maybe tomorrow or the weekend - while I am on a roll.
She was looking for the ladybug on her one - sadly I had forgotten to put one on... so I will get that small thing done tomorrow too.

I am working hard at my Photshop class through Carla Barrett of Feathered Fibers -  and the Pixel Ladies but I have lots to do yet!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Machine quilting with 'Nessie'

My solution to feeling a bit flat :)

...was to play on a practise piece ... and do some of my background fillers.

This was an experimental applique piece.  I may do it differently next time.

Luckily Andrea said she would like a pillow :)

Now to do some of my lessons in Photoshop.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Have fallen a bit flat in the last couple of days...after some tests done on Thursday..
all is well,  but I havn't felt like doing much.
However today I have finally worked out which pieces to cut, and have my one Inklingo Feathered Star cut and ready to sew.

I hope to make this one block for the centre of a white ( not quite whole cloth)  quilt. 
I have a couple of other things to complete, and heaps more in my mind ...not sure thats a good thing...but more things during the busy week I have ahead!  I hope!

My appologies for not visiting all my favorite blogs.
I hope to catch up on these during the week.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Threadheads Quilt Along

My design board is fairly clear now - the blocks are all together!

As its Joanne's Quilt Along, I , like her,  thought I would have a peek at it on the bed.  Thanks to Crispy - I didnt put in the block with the blue cross, but substituted the appliqe block that Joanne did for her tutorial Crow on a berry Bush.

Its getting on to 12.30am - and thats it from me for a bit.

I have a lesson or two to get going on... and work tomorrow - so the borders will wait for a bit .

Friday, March 11, 2011

Threadheads Quilt Along

Here are all the blocks together for my Threadhead Quilt Along
with Joanne. 
Still to sort them into order and get them sewn together.

They are not in order yet, and are a bit crooked as they are simply 'stuck' there
on the design board waiting for me to put them in some sort of order.
I need my design board, so I hope to have it blank again at the end of the day.
I also made and added these blocks tthis morning as I had made a couple of VERY bad blocks...
and they have been replaced!

                                           Its called Grecian Square - and I got it from EQ7
in two different colourways.

I would just like to thank Joanne
for all her wonderful work getting this Quilt along to us all.
I for one would never have made this if it hadnt been for her and her wonderful instructions

I look forward to seeing how it all finishes up :) 

Oh dear - and what I forgot to say is that Carla Barrett of Feathered Fibers has put me in her Newsletter  at Quilt Whipsper.Com for this month's featured Quilt -
Hope this link works for you.
I have been doing the Happy dance!!

Threadheads Quilt Along


All the blocks - Finished !! and its only 1.30am !!

Block #19

Block #20
So many tiny pieces - this one was a marathon and you see the unpicker there... dont need to say more :(
And replacing the one I  'lost'

This was way back - Block #5 I could only find one of them !
Thats what happens when I tidy up...

Will put up a picture of the design board tomorrow, actually later today.

Threadheads Quilt Along

Still on a roll...

Blocks #18

I dont know why blogger put some photos on their side.

I still havnt worked out how to do the pages and link them...

Blocks #19
You may be able to see where I got muddled up with the colours ...  having two blocks cut and
ready to sew at the same time got a bit confusing :(

I have Blocks 20 cut and ready to go...and sadly I will need to do 1 other block as ... I have lost it somewhere in the studio ...
I did say it was a mess....so 3 more blocks in total to do!!

Nearly there!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Threadheads Quilt Along

Block #17

3 sets to go!! 

I have SUCH an unbelievable mess in my studio - I need to get the next 3 blocks done.
(doubled up of course - thats really 6!!

Fabrics everywhere!!
I am having FMQ withdrawal symptoms :)

AND I want to make a Feathered Star!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Threadhead Quilt Along

I am on a roll!!  need to keep going on this...

Block #15
The pincushion in view is one I made some years ago.  We had a 25 acre property in the hills above Perth.  I had a flock of coloured sheep,  brown, grey, black and some spotted...Corrieadales...all coated so I could have nice clean wool.  I felted some onto gauze, and did wool embroidery onto it...
In those days I spun and dyed my own wool, and wove it too...
Dont do that any more :) a good friend of mine - Liz, introduced me to quilting
and the rest is history!!

Block #16

Now to see what Block #17 is like ... easier I hope :)

Threadhead Quilt Along

Blocks #14 of Threadheads Quilt Along with Joanne.

 As you can see I managed to get some sewing done.

Andrea had a really bad Migraine today - so hopefully it will be school tomorrow and all will be well.

Off to try to get #15 cut out now.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Joanne, Threadheads Quilt Along and Family

Well I have managed to get 4 blocks done for my Threadheads Quiltalong with Joanne...after our family went back home,

Block #12

Block #13

I am not the most acurate with my sewing 1/4" seams, however - I keep trying.

My Son In Law and his youngest - having fun on the 4 X 4 at our house.

My youngest Daughter and my DH

My DD and myself - trying hard not to smile...

                                                          Cousins having fun together :)

and our small Poodle Sophie doing her Downward Dog pose.
Its the first time Andrea managed to capture that one...

Our guest have gone back home

So now to try to get some more blocks cut out...
Was a great weekend!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Learning on Nessie

I have been a bit flat  sad to say...and have a rotten headache - for a few days now.
Did a bit of sewing on Nessie...learning from the wonderful lesson by
What a helpful article!  Thank you Wendy!

I sewed buttonhoe stitch on the long green stems with white Aurifil and the rest with various colours in silk on the top and Aurofil in the bobbin.. 
Still have a bit more to go ... the stitch lenth is as Wendy suggested at 1.4 length and 1.4 width.
And I found the right foot too :)
Was OK when I went slow, but the small circles need some work. 
It was quite easy once I worked out how to change the width and the length...
I managed when I read the book :) 
When I have finished - I will put it together and play with the quilting.

The commissioned quilt went off with its owner yesterday... She liked it.

Visitors for the long weekend, so not sure how much sewing will get done.

Off to sit and wait for my head to come back to normal and then off to have a good sleep!