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Monday, February 15, 2016

FMQ, FMQ and playing, Designs, Catching up

Long time since I posted..

So here is some catching up a little.

I made a lot of these for gifts at Christmas time... .
I cant find all the photos I took of them...but here are a few

This is the back of the black fabric box... 
where I drew a small design to fit the sewn box

 This is the outside of the fabric box.

This is inside out - how I put it together

completed fabric box.. I sewed down the inside folds to make little pockets

A Vintage Piece to be completed..using my BFF - QP Curved
Template from Linda Hrcka of The quilted Pineapple... I really love this ruler...
its so easy to work with.

The last two are practice pieces for a soon to be given quilt which I will show later :)

This is a foundation BOM I am attempting...Slow goin, but very interesting.
Think I am Dyslectic...as it all looks a bit back to front ...lol

That's it for now - I will try to catch a=up a bit more later on.