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Friday, July 29, 2011


I have actually managed to get some sewing done today - a small amount.  I completed the samples I had started for the Free Motion Challenge.

First was the drawing I did

Then the sewing

Sample fillers which I had done previously

The completed sample piece

Including my practise sashing

Its all sewn on 'Nessie',     my Bernina 820,  with the top thread silk and the back one Aurifil. 
The tension was 1.75 for the bobbin, the needle was a 75 Microtec

I used a wool wadding and a cotton one to see what the double batting would be like.

The border one I used a lights greenish beige...as I was thinking of doing that colour on my Whole Cloth Quilt - if I ever get it together

Thats my days quilting - not much,  but a start.

Now I will be off to bed soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011


A little bit of sewing for FNSI

Goodness - another sideways photo!

I did a very small amount on the border of one of my POTC blocks - am up to the fourth and fifth rows...am sewing those ones together in a double line - then I will sew the third row onto that....... there
are 9 rows altogether.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Some photos of the past weekend

Andrea and her brother Patrick busy in the kitchen

Andrea cooking Monday nights dinner...she did a great job!
The wine was mine - not hers :)

Good news and bad.
The good news is Mal at last has an answer to his pain problem...the bad news is - it is a benign tumor in his spine. The Doctor doesnt think its malignant as he would have been paralized by now...
but he needs an operation ASAP to prevent that happening,  so that is in the very near future.
As the tumour is growing - the pain is worse each day.

So ... sewing time is still a mystery to me as I still have my Nurses hat on ..but I am intending to try to get to the FNSI at least.

On a lighter note....

When Andrew was here over the weekend, we were telling him about our frog that spent any sunshine during the day sitting on the rocks...
So he named it Vodka - on the rocks :) :)
Vodka is very timid and jumps in the pond if he sees us coming.

Also doing an online QW couse , which is again time.
My apologies if I have not answered some comments...

Catch up again if I actually get something done :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family and Friends

Having fun together.

Part of of what we did today..

No sewing as yet!!

Andrew, Andrea's father ( and my eldest DS ) Andrea , Patrick ( Andrea's brother) and Mal watching the performance of Andrew's radio controlled plane, which he brought up with him for the weekend.  The video is also one of its flightsover and around our house.  It was such a beautiful day!

I have also been doing some of my homework for the Quiltwhispering classes - and playing with Photoshop.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


                                                 Working on the Border

                    Still not quite sure which way to go - here is what I have doen so far.

In the middle is the first  one I drew ...and I was happy with that till I put it up next to the cloth...looked like too many feathers, and the curve was going the wrong way....
So I did the second one  - the far right one.  Wasnt sure about that one either..
So did the third one.  the one now next to the main design. 
I thought one side of feathers only and maybe some 1/2 inch piano keys along the edge...and Dianeshiko or apple cores in the corner, but not sure about the corner bits.

So now I am just looking at them all and wondering if I should draw some more. 

OR just stick to the original drawing! OR the one with lots of feathers and make the center stems a bit smaller..

Decisions decisions.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Designing in progress

Second time round with this!

I have completed the main part of the design.
Fortunately my back allows me to stand easier than sit...so I have been able to do this at times.
Now I have ironed a 6" border of freezer paper- under the fabric to try to work out how and what to add in that 6"s
I need to work out which part of the design to use as a repeat.
Will take a while to think out and to put it on the fabric - IF I can work it out.

DH still has his pain problem, but does small things as he can.
Andrea has been off sick for a week...so we are a household of people looking out for each other :) and doing what we can.

My DH and I slowly got some wood, canvas and cotton wadding together ..plus invested in a staple    gun... and I have made a nice firm ironing surface - with many thanks to Sharon Schamber's very informative video on how to make one. 
The next one :) :)  the wood will be thicker.
But really this one works a treat.

Now I am off to think about more of a design for my whole cloth, while I rest some more.

Please forgive me for not appearing to visit many blogs - but Blogger still is mostly being awkward.  

I am visiting when I can and love to see and read what everyone is doing.