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Friday, October 30, 2009

POTC # 43 completed 31.10.09.

The center pieces are another fabric I dont know the name of...the outer are batik

POTC #42 completed 30.10.09
Central pieces La Scala collection remainder are batik

POTC #41 was also completed on 28.10.09
Another mystery fabic in the center, more batik, and the deep red is from the Jinny Beyer pallete collection

POTC # 40 was completed on 28.10.2009.
I am afraid the center fabric is a mystery to me, as I can't remember what collection it was from. The deep green is a fossil fern and the outer fabrics ar batik

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

POTC # 39 completed 22.10.09
All the patterned fabric is from the La Scala collection and the light yellow is batik

POTC # 38 completed 22.10.09
All the central hexagons are from the Nuance collection of fabrics...the outer ones are batik

POTC # 37 Completed 21.10.09 Central fabics are from the Nuance design fabrics, the outer ones are batik

Monday, October 26, 2009

Showing how my POTC blocks will look ......eventually.

I have been busy making 1" hexagons for the Aussie Hexagon Challenge

These are what I have done so far....with Inklingo
Oops ! One is upside down !!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have started making some of the smaller connectiong squares...these will joint the main POTC blocks once the cream bordersaround each block is sewn
Looking at the photos, I have noticed the difference in the fabric surrounding the squares. I have two fabrics - obviously different dye lots and may decide NOT to use the lighter coloured ones.

Have had some time off due to a health scare - but all OK now...so back to sewing etc.

This is POTC # 36 , completed 18.10.09 The fabric from the central 8 hexagons is from the La Scala collection of paisley prints, the light blue is batik fabric, and the outer dark blue is from the Jinny Beyer palette collection

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another bit of comic relief :)

Found some small white china bowls last week and used one to make another pin cushion. Hopefully they will stay put on the table during use as they have a nice weight.
The base on the smaller one is from a Vegimite lid, which I have painted and glazed.
I am still working on how to do the trim different ways.. The filling for all my pin-cushions is Merino wool.

Andrea was a bit concerned what would happen to the bowl if it happened to fall off the table!!

POTC # 35 complet6ed 14.10.09. The central 8 hexagons forming the cross are from the Nuance collection The 8 edge Hexagons are from fabric by Kaufman ..La Scala Paisley Stripe Jewel. The orange fabric, another of my favorite batiks.

POTC # 34 was completed 13.10.09 The fussy cut fabric in the center is La Scala - a paisley fabric...looks quite Oriental to me...which is really what I was looking for.

The blue flowers on the crosses are from a striped fabric I bought on impulse...when I was first trying to collect fabrics for the POTC...I don't recall the name..and the rest are batiks.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

POTC #33 completed 12.10.09 The fussy cuts were from a Japanese series .. Empress Bouquet and the surounding fabrics are some of my new batik collection.

POTC # 32 completed 11.10.09 ... all but the dark red fabrics are fussy cut. The fussy cut fabrics are all from the La Scala Collection of paisley prints

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Andrea has just learned how to drive the 4x4 motor bike and is teaching her little toy Poodle Sophie how to be with her safely.

I couldnt resist showing this photo of Froddo2. In April we got 10 tadpoles to go in our new Frog Pond. Frodd1 got taken by a Mudlark and three other frogs appeared dead in the Pond. Froddo2 is our one survivor. We hope to make another pond and get more tadpoles soon, then Froddo2 will have some complay. Andrea does tell me there are still more tadpoles in the pond - but I have not seen them.

This is a photo of my design board today...as you can see I have a lot more to sew and plenty to keep my busy.

In the top left corner some some of my .75 hexagons ( I took down a lot as I ran out of room to plan my POTC blocks) for my Almost Insane quilt, which has been put on hold because of my addiction to the POTC blocks...an the top left side are some if my Insanity haxagons. Inklingo seems to have taken me over! So much to do, and far too many UFO's.
There is a really neglected spinning wheel in the lower left hand corner.

Yesterday I completed some pin-cushions I have made wiith an Inklingo pattern from Linda Franz...I have all our neighbours collecting bottle tops for me. This has been a bit like comic relief between POTC blocks. The circles are made from the Inklingo 0.5 hexagon collection.

These re the last 5 POTC blocks I have made so far....from end of September untill today. I have been busy at my desgin board getting the next few blocks ready. Have also been busy printing on my background fabric and getting some ready to sew, Andrea has been sewing some 'threes' for me.

POTC's August to September 2009

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POTC #4 17.07.09

Saturday, October 10, 2009