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Monday, November 29, 2010

Machine Quilting

A finish!!

The finished quilt before washing! The dot you can see is one ladybug - the other is more difficutl to find...but its there - they are on the one block :(

Showing the ladybugs

Back of the quilt

Washed and on the line.

Some detail of the back

Off to do some more -  tomorrow .

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free Motion Quilting

Andrea has taken over my machine!!

As you can she - she is a busy bee.
She was inspired yesterday as we went to look at a John Watts Quilting machine and table.  We both had a go at it, but found it soooo different from our DSM, and when we got back home, she just wanted to quilt.
Just as well,  as I am back to doing my binding. One more long side to go

I think Andrea  is a natural - but then I am biased I think :)

I hope she finishes it soon and she can put it up on her blog, Obscure Thoughts, where she has already put some of her poems.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Free Motion Quilting

Today is a good day!!

 I decided to quilt today - and this is my youngest Grand-daughters Happy Quilt! 
Would you believe I started this about 18 months ago...found a small tear in one of the fabrics when I had it nearly all quilted  - just the 2" border to go... I was so upset - that was it.
Now I am almost finished the  border - FMQ :) with a bit of freehand drawing,
and later I will fix the tear....its really only tiny after all.
I hope to get the binding sewn on and finish it!

My FNSI is planned :)

I will take a full picture when I have finished and washed it.

Joannes Quilt Along

Another boo-boo I'm afraid - in fact two!

Block #8
I must have sewn some of the seams too large, cause the blocks were 9" when they should have been 9 1/2 - (9" finished!)
So I fudged! 
May not use these ones - may do some more - too weary for now.
Back to my FMQ - tomorrow!

Just checking the blog - and noticed one of the blocks is an
Amish one - you know... nothing's perfect...in fact one piece is sewn in completely the wrong place!!
Now THATs a boo-boo and a half!!
Definitely wont use THAT one :(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joannes Quilt Along

Block #7
Completed today for Joannes quilt along.
Now to tackle Block #8
Todays FMQ

Some years ago - I participated in a Christmas Signature swap.  This has been sitting for some years - ready to quilt and as I had no idea how to go about the designs on it - I left it.
Last night I desided to bite the bullet and really do some FMQ - this is what I am up to so far.
It would be great if I could finish it for Christmas!
Its actually a good practise piece :)
I am still trying to work out how the actual signature blocks will be quilted.

As I just realised its Wednesday - I need to go sew a hexagon :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Taaa-Dahhh  - Deanna?

Block #6

Maybe #7 tomorrow.

Here is Block #5  - 2 of them :)
I thought I would put this here too...
See below :(

I just added a post to my new page - Joannes quilt Along  - I have completed these 2 blocks and photos are of those are also on the Quilt Along page that I just set up....and its gone to that page...can anyone tell me how to get that onto this page too ?  Or is that just what happens?

I think I should go cook something !

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Nights sew in and I have been busy

This is the first time I have ever sewn with Monofilament! As you can see it didn't work too well - I had problems with the tension.
This is one of the blocks I used my Applique Stabiliser on, and the reason I have taken a shot of it at an angle was to try to show you that the glue came out - no problems and the Applique Stabiliser has fluffed up and I guess turned to fiber...it does have a soft feel to it, and I am pleased with the result. The other 'bird' block is soaking overnight.

I did this also and I got all the applique sewn on ... a little better tension with the Monofilament this time...I wont wash this till its quilted and fiished. Now I will be sitting and staring to work out how to quilt it .

This is a closeup to show the sewing.

It's really great to know others are sewing along with me...all over the world!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One lone flower for One Flower Wednesday.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I have done another block that Joanne of Thread Head has designed

This is the second block

As i do it a little differently from the way Joanne has made them - she asked me to put up how I had done this.

I made the second block and took photos as I went.

I have drawn on some Applique Stabiliser which I got
from Sharon Schambers store which can be found here
I bought a roll of 5 yards.
When washed this stabiliser turns to fibre and sort of acts as a trapunto for your applique.
I havn't washed any yet so I am yet to see what happens.

I glue the fabric to this with Elmers purple glue - this is a form of starch and comes out when washed.

putting the glue on the stabiliser...three coats of the purple  Elmers Glue are necessary.

The stabiliser is pasted to the fabric
Very important to iron with a dry iron for each piece of applique as the glue is then heat set!...as it is starch.

And all the peices are cut out with a 1/8th edge
The glued pieces areall ironed with a dry iron

Elmers purple glue is applied to the edges of the appliqe stabiliser and the curves cut to about a thread or two near the actual edge of the finished piece. The rounded bits are pinched together with the thumb and forefinger, and the tips and sharp points are held with the small wooden manicure sticks and held down as you turn the fabric round.  It was hard to photograph as I had the camera in one hand.

These ones you turn round as you go and I did this with a manicure stick in each hand.  In my left hand I held down what I had done and my right hand carefully pleated small pieces till I had got round each small circle.
Each piece is ironed

Then I have put Elmers washable School glue right round the edges of the applique piece

Placed the pieces on my fabric with the aide of my light box.
Each piece is again ironed...as it needs to be set.

These are the tools I used with my block!

I have yet to machine the blocks, but this way did not take long at all.

Thanks Joanne for the design.

My exotic Bloom designed by Sharon Schamber is up on my design board waiting for me to sew... As you can probably tell - I have been watching her video on how to make this...just the final sewing stages to go and I have never sewn with the polyester thread before... so I am hesitating.
 More quilting on my Whole Cloth quilt first.  I am very nervous of changing the tension when Its working so well.

Ist this wonderful - Andrea cooked tea tonight...it was delicious, and even more so as I didn't have to make it :)
Macaroni Pasta Bake.

I have another applique block here...Its designed by Joanne of Thread Head
I guess I will get better as I go along...the circles are not quite right...not to worry - it keeps me busy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I have been busy sewing this weekend. 
All the design on my Whole Cloth Quilt  is now done and I have still to do the micro-stipplingto do.
As you can see it is quite heavily drawn on - and I think I may wash it when I have completed the micro stippling - before I get it made into the heirloom cushion that it is to be.

This is the back of the piece.
I have used silk YIL thread on the top and Aurofil on the back.  The wadding is wool

And yes - my ladybug is there too :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night Sew in
A good chance to get this I Spy quilt completed in time for Christmas.  I have the binding to complete...so Friday night is a perfect time to do this, I has been professionally quilted - last year!

I bought a picture frame for my small 'card' quilt.
I do think white would be better though.
Another gift maybe?

Back to my Whole Cloth quilting while there is lots of daylight - its so much easier to see.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another single flower for my garden, which I completed late last night...

... as I was busy with this.
I am feeling more comfortable with this...it certainly is Practise Practise Practise.
If I had been as patient at the beginning it would have been better,
Thankfully I seem to have found my pace again.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Only doing things in a small way
This pink fabric I dyed and painted..and played -
 I think it will make a nice framed picture.
Its only 4" x 4"

And this is the back only of my whole cloth quilt - which I am not really happy with.
The front looks a bit messeir as there is a lot of the blue pencil!
Too much going on at home so time is bit limited.

I did unpick all my basting thread, as I kept getting hooked up.  It works better on small quilts for me.
Now I just get hooked up on the pins :)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Today - I played with some FMQ and drew and washed...

I was sent a wonderful gift from Janet
Of two Berol handwriting pens...one black and one dark blue ...the ones used by Sally Bamald...so that is what I was testing.
They worked a treat...  thank you so much Janet!

and another boo-boo

I really should remember to be careful of the back getting caught up - wouldnt you think I would learn!!!!

I am currently frogging my whole cloth quilt - the bits I sewed today...
I couldn't get the tension right... and still havn't !!

I need sleep!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Today - I remembered - Yay...

And another Quilt Whisper
...inspired by Carla Barrett in her wonderful Quilt Whisperer class.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

OK - For Deanna from Wedding dress Blue


I have just finished this fisrt attempt as Quilt Whispering a quilt I hope one day to make .
Part of our homework for our QW class with Carla Barrett.

This drawing I did yesterday - inspired by Diane Gaudynski

This is how it looked in my folded mirror...

and some fabric I have dyed with Andrea's help - just playing - not too sure on the colours though.

As Andrea is debilitated with Migraines over the last 3 weeks - I am never quite sure what the day will bring - So I am off to get some sleep while I can.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for her.

Monday, November 01, 2010

 Block #4  second one.
9" - phew!