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Tuesday, September 03, 2019

I must try to keep up my blog...
It has certainly been a while

I have been having a lovely time with Panels 
the Dream Big Panels.

This was the first one I quilted

It was in memory of my Daughter in Law

This one was quilted for another Daughter in Law.. who is 
so delighted with it.
Its a King size and I used borders to make the correct width and length.

On my large cutting table so I could work out the next designs

There it is in its new home.

Now I. am lucky to have a love 12 foot quilting frame with a large   108'' x 108"quilt 
Dream Bigger Quilt on it 

Love these panels!!
I have lots more colours.

Well thats it for today - I will get more up to date in a couple of days.

We have just completed out second trip over to the Eastern States of AUstralia in 3 months..
more of that later at a later date

Sunday, March 17, 2019

I seem to have lost a heap of time here..

I have been busy with my quilting

Some of the quilts I have completed follow:

The completed Quilt for one of my Grandsons - Thomas.

This was my small practice piece for the Storm at Sea.

I am trying to remember the order I made tall these ones in.

The next on in one I made for Lachie.As the Grandchildren get to 18 years of age I make a quilt for them.. .. I have 11 Grandchildren!
So the next on begins below.

This is the Carpenters Square made last year for Matthew

This quilt was a customers quilt.... was great to do this.

Made by Tracey.. who now has her own Simply Sixteen on a little foot frame and is currently  quilting her first quilt.... exciting!!

That seems to be my limit for photos so I will do another bit of more that I have done after these.. Just wish I knew how to print on my photos.. its the real reason I have not bothered with the blog.. I have tried so many ways and not succeeded so far.

Hope you have enjoyed these photos.  ... Joan