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Friday, November 25, 2011


Yesterday I sewed together some pieces of fabric that were left over from the Labyrinth Quilt.
Last night I did some FMQ on the sample to see what I may do on the quilt

I was trying different thread, and different designs thinking I would use some of the 'Just Leaf It' book I got from Kim Stotsenberg - thank you Kim, its a great book!
This is the front view

This is the back

Showing the front with my leaves

.....and a close up of the back.

It all seemed a bit much, so I have decided to do all the ditch sewing first
( and there is a HEAP of that) and work out which way I will go from there.
The fabrics are a bit busy, so maybe it will be easier to 'see' when that's done..I have also ordered more thread too.

I did love doing the PPP though :)

I had a lovely Skype time with Joanne in Canada,  who was busy as we chatted,  quilting on her Dresdon Plate quilt.  Its looking wonderful!
I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Labyrinth Quilt and a giveaway

Firstly,  Wendy at Inky Threads is having a giveaway of Jennifer Chiaverini’s
newest book: The Wedding Quilt. Wonderful givaway!


I am a bit further along with Pin-basting.

I am using Harriet Hargraves book and pining as per her instructions for the first time...SO much easier this way.  I should have tired it before!

I am thankful I actually remembered where the  book was!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Labyrinth Quilt

Labyrinth quilt top has been completed.
Its on my design wall now - floor to ceiling!

It is I think 85" x 105"
Now I need to work out how I am going to quilt it. 
No idea why I made such a big quilt.... and as its for a GS
I dont think feathers would be right...so this one wont be easy.
Now I need to get my cutting table cleared so I can put this on there to layer it together  - with clamps if I can.  Its too big on the floor.
No thread basting here - back to the safely pins!! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew in

More of the Labyrinth Quilt for the FNSI.

The rows are being sewn together  two at a time. The bottom half are all sewn 2 x 2 rows and the top ones are sewn singly.  I was worried if a sudden gust of wind would come along and mess up the plan, so I have been working hard.
Andrea was able to help me immensely with getting the design in order...otherwise I would have taken so much longer.
This is as far as got with the Friday Night Sew in.
A big thanks for Heidie for hosting it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Labyrinth Quilt

I am going cross-eyed!!

The jig-saw so far.
I cut it all out in the last couple of days...and I am begining to think I am dyslectic as I find it difficult to see where the pieces go on the diagram!... I guess it will work out.
I have something wrong on the right side of the plan and cant work it out.
The squares are mostly 4 1/4 inches  and will finish at 3 3/4 inches..
The quilt will be 90 x 110 inches..
Think I need my head read!!

I think I need to go do some FMQ to soothe my soul

Time to walk away from it for a while.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Labyrinth Quilt

Things may slow down again - Health issues in the family again which tends to take a toll of me too...and any free time I may have. 
However  I have accomplished some things!

I have made a start on my Labyrinth Quilt !!
As I need to concentrate to make sure I don't cut some pieces incorrectly - it is taking some time.
It also took me time to actually work out which fabric was for which part...but as you may notice I have the fabric numbered and pinned now in order on the design board.

I have taken my POTC quilt ( as far as it is done) off the design board, as I think I will need to use  a large area for putting the pieces of the Labyrinth quilt together in order.
I really did have to clear fabric and other stuff off my cutting table - to actually DO the cutting out)

Also on the go is...

The next block I am putting together - also slowly -  of my Grannies Hanky

And ...

A very grateful thank you to Denise  for this great tip of marking the ruler...and to Joanne for reminding me of it.

All the borders are completed on my Quilt Along, and its ready to be put together...WHEN the Labyrinth quilt is cut ...and I can put the layers together on the cutting table...sigh!!

Now I am off to bed as I feel I may be required to get up early in the morning for Andrea...and I hate getting up early :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Joannes Quilt Along

I have been concentrating on clearing my cutting table ( so I can actually SEE it ) and get the last 2 or 3 borders of my Quilt Along  cut out.  Joanne of Threadhead  Quilt Along BOM

I didnt get to get it finished,  as I wanted get some squares done for the second border...
then change my mind and put it in the too hard basket!

I did get as far as trying to work out how to do the quilting - and of course I cant remember how I actually did draw the design in used Photoshop - so need to go back and re-do the lessons :(
All a time thing isnt it!

However this is what I have come up with last year ...  before I got to trying to work  out how to finish with the borders.

This is actually the one I like as I can try to work out a nice feathered border and maybe go into the triangles....

This is what I was going to do before I had the thought for the top photo

Of course the dark borders would be 1" finished...the light border is 5"  finished and the binding will hopefully finish at 1"

As I said I do like just the outer dark border, but any thoughts would be appreciated before I cut out the 1" inner border.... or not :)

I have also been ironing and starching fabic ... have a bit more to do of that yet. 

Having wasted WAY too much time over the last two days... sadly... I have now got lots to do. 

Monday, November 07, 2011

Arrivals today.

Another quilt to get done....

Had almost forgotten I had ordered this. 
Now I really do have to start and clear my cutting table. 
I wish the fabric didn't need to be washed...Ahhhh  ....but I need to get it done I guess!

I also need to get my Quilt Along borders done... among other things.

Guess who is a fan of these guys ?

Amazing isn't it :)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Hop To It BOM

Today I have managed to get this block put together.
Hop To It #10.

Now I have 3 to sew... and I hope to get some fabrics picked out during the week.

I think Block # 11 is next - then I believe Raewyn has picked Block #4 for this month ....
I am still a way behind :)

I have also done some of my WCQ so things are progressing slowly.

After searching for my 1" hexagons  -  for my One Flower Wednesday -  fianlly found the box today ( has taken me at least 2 week ) so hope to get one flower at least this Wednesday.
Found all my cut out Insanity Quilt hexies... and my   'Almost' Insane hexies... ( no not Nearly Insane ) they are also looking at me  - as are my POTC blocks... too much to do and not enough time !!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Whole cloth quilt

Some progress!

While the Nurses cap is somewhat askew :) I have expanded the sewing circle. I will probably frog ( unpick)
the curved lines near where the red circle is.  The section above the sewn feathers and below the triangle of circles.  I am not sure yet. 
I will keep going on the quilt ... I am actually begining to enjoy the process ...and think about alternatives. 
Maybe echo quilting there ..Mmmm  or lines closer together

Any suggestions welcomed.

My eldest DD - who visited last night AND who the quilt is for...loved ti!  Phoned me after she left this morning to ask if I could get it done for Christmas - OR her Birthday is in January.....

WELL - I just said a big HMPH and laughed !! 

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hop To It BOM

Have been busy with my Nurses cap on again here, for several days now ....
and will be for a few days more..

I have only done a little of the prep for my HTI BOM.

This has come to a bit of a stand still!

The WCQ has stopped once more for the time being.  No time for concentration for very long.

I have also started a PSE course   - with Carla Barret of Feathered Fibers  ... on-line...but I am not getting a long way fast with that either.

I sometimes think someone is playing funny people with me....