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Monday, November 07, 2011

Arrivals today.

Another quilt to get done....

Had almost forgotten I had ordered this. 
Now I really do have to start and clear my cutting table. 
I wish the fabric didn't need to be washed...Ahhhh  ....but I need to get it done I guess!

I also need to get my Quilt Along borders done... among other things.

Guess who is a fan of these guys ?

Amazing isn't it :)


Wendy said...

Had a blast chatting with you yesterday. Lets try it again before Saturday when our trial ends. Get with Joanne and figure out what time Friday and I'll be there.


Janet said...

The Beatles are timeles. Apparently so are the Rolling Stones, lol. A new project is very exciting and the fabrics look yummy.

Deanna said...

Those fabrics and pattern---yummy! I look forward to seeing your creation.

Sue Daurio said...

Oh great pattern! I'm making that for my nephew's wedding quilt. Love your fabric choices, I haven't gotten that far. Can't wait to see how you quilt yours and get some ideas :)

Quilt Rat said...

Those fabrics are simply irresistible, it will be fabulous

Vivian said...

I always love it when a song is remade by a modern group. I would sing with the music and my kids would say, "How do you know that song?."

My son discovered some older groups (Beetles, Van Morrison, etc.) when he was in a jazz band in high school. I listened to them at home and he didn't care for them until someone else talked about them. Kudos out to his band teacher for introducing them to so many eras of music.

Lisa at Towerhouse Quilts said...

The Labyrinth quilt looks very interesting. I will be curious to see how the project goes. Are there quilt shops near you or do you have to order everything on-line? I've never been to Western Australia...only the east coast. Have a good day!