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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Joannes Quilt Along

I have been concentrating on clearing my cutting table ( so I can actually SEE it ) and get the last 2 or 3 borders of my Quilt Along  cut out.  Joanne of Threadhead  Quilt Along BOM

I didnt get to get it finished,  as I wanted get some squares done for the second border...
then change my mind and put it in the too hard basket!

I did get as far as trying to work out how to do the quilting - and of course I cant remember how I actually did draw the design in used Photoshop - so need to go back and re-do the lessons :(
All a time thing isnt it!

However this is what I have come up with last year ...  before I got to trying to work  out how to finish with the borders.

This is actually the one I like as I can try to work out a nice feathered border and maybe go into the triangles....

This is what I was going to do before I had the thought for the top photo

Of course the dark borders would be 1" finished...the light border is 5"  finished and the binding will hopefully finish at 1"

As I said I do like just the outer dark border, but any thoughts would be appreciated before I cut out the 1" inner border.... or not :)

I have also been ironing and starching fabic ... have a bit more to do of that yet. 

Having wasted WAY too much time over the last two days... sadly... I have now got lots to do. 


Diane said...

oh the quilt is going to be wonderful I love the lay out.
I think we're all the same way-try to clear up and finish up and just end up having more fun things to do!!

Unknown said...

This is looking fantastic - I can't wait to see it quilted - it will be delicious, simply delicious

Lynette said...

This is such a pretty quilt. I really like the stop border on the inside - it makes a very dramatic statement. :)

Kim S said...

If you want to do a really dramatic quilted border I would go with the first pic without the little dark border.

Really, I think either with or without the dark border works. Just depends on how you want to quilt them...

Beautiful quilt!!!

Joanne said...

The quilt looks amazing! Either way you choose to finish it would look great (I prefer the 2 little dark borders - not surprising). I hope you get it finished. The quilting you designed is stunning.

Simone de Klerk said...

Perfection and this quilt seem to go together very well! Such beauty, Joanne.
I think I would go for 2 dark borders, like the last picture. I love how it encloses the beauty of all those blocks. To me it somehow makes a better finish.
But, do what feels best for you and maybe ask yourself again why you would prefer a border, or why not.
Good luck! Look forward to see what you decide on.

Marie-José H said...

I really love this quilt. It looks great.

corina said...

Your quilt is wonderful. I'm itching to get started on one too, but I have to finish a few current projects. The feather pattern is perfect in the outer triangles. I'm thinking the two dark borders would be my choice. Either way it's going to be beautiful.

Ivory Spring said...

Oooooo - this is going to be another masterpiece! I can FEEL it!