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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hop To It BOM

Have been busy with my Nurses cap on again here, for several days now ....
and will be for a few days more..

I have only done a little of the prep for my HTI BOM.

This has come to a bit of a stand still!

The WCQ has stopped once more for the time being.  No time for concentration for very long.

I have also started a PSE course   - with Carla Barret of Feathered Fibers  ... on-line...but I am not getting a long way fast with that either.

I sometimes think someone is playing funny people with me....


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

That looks like a very technical project there. Have I mentioned how much I love the quilt in your header picture? It is just beautiful!

Unknown said...

Oh Joan, poor you - hopefully you'll get back to your quilting soon

Raewyn said...

You'll get there Joan!! I'm feeling behind on my HTI as well. Your online course sounds interesting - and stimulating (I went to the link to have a nosey).

What Comes Next? said...

Oh Joan, not the nurses cap again? I do hope you can hang it up soon, and get back to your wonderful projects. I'm sending positive thoughts your way