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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Labyrinth Quilt

Things may slow down again - Health issues in the family again which tends to take a toll of me too...and any free time I may have. 
However  I have accomplished some things!

I have made a start on my Labyrinth Quilt !!
As I need to concentrate to make sure I don't cut some pieces incorrectly - it is taking some time.
It also took me time to actually work out which fabric was for which part...but as you may notice I have the fabric numbered and pinned now in order on the design board.

I have taken my POTC quilt ( as far as it is done) off the design board, as I think I will need to use  a large area for putting the pieces of the Labyrinth quilt together in order.
I really did have to clear fabric and other stuff off my cutting table - to actually DO the cutting out)

Also on the go is...

The next block I am putting together - also slowly -  of my Grannies Hanky

And ...

A very grateful thank you to Denise  for this great tip of marking the ruler...and to Joanne for reminding me of it.

All the borders are completed on my Quilt Along, and its ready to be put together...WHEN the Labyrinth quilt is cut ...and I can put the layers together on the cutting table...sigh!!

Now I am off to bed as I feel I may be required to get up early in the morning for Andrea...and I hate getting up early :)


Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are dealing with more family health issues - hopefully you'll get some time here and there to get some quilting done - you seem to have made great headways in the various projects that you have on the go at the moment - take care

Ivory Spring said...

You don't waste any time, do you? ;) That's what I love about you. The darker shade fabrics are just yummy!