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Friday, November 25, 2011


Yesterday I sewed together some pieces of fabric that were left over from the Labyrinth Quilt.
Last night I did some FMQ on the sample to see what I may do on the quilt

I was trying different thread, and different designs thinking I would use some of the 'Just Leaf It' book I got from Kim Stotsenberg - thank you Kim, its a great book!
This is the front view

This is the back

Showing the front with my leaves

.....and a close up of the back.

It all seemed a bit much, so I have decided to do all the ditch sewing first
( and there is a HEAP of that) and work out which way I will go from there.
The fabrics are a bit busy, so maybe it will be easier to 'see' when that's done..I have also ordered more thread too.

I did love doing the PPP though :)

I had a lovely Skype time with Joanne in Canada,  who was busy as we chatted,  quilting on her Dresdon Plate quilt.  Its looking wonderful!
I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.


Mary said...

Beautiful quilting!

Unknown said...

This is really amazing quilting - I love your leaves and the way they flow - I must give this a go

Diane said...

I like how you do a sample from leftovers to see what will work! Brilliant.
I need to get Kim's book.
have a great day!

What Comes Next? said...

Great practice piece! I've got Kim's book and I love it - suits my style very well. Your labyrinth quilt will be lovely, how every you decide to do it!

Marie-José H said...

Is this free morion quilting? Amai, your quit good in it.

Ivory Spring said...

Love your leaves, Joan!

Kim S said...

I love, love, love your leaves... even tho you decided not to use them on your final quilt. When you do decide to use them... all your practice will pay off!