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Monday, January 27, 2014

Designs, Carpenter Star,

More of the same ole same ole...  
with some workings.

Thanks to Photoshop and Carla Barrets  lessons.. I have got as far as straightening the picture - sort of and after many layers...I have got this far...
and the day is almost gone!!

Still not sure what I am going to do!

Wanting to put some piano keys somewhere...
It needs something plain I think.
This is actually a quilt for one of my Grandsons.. for his 18th Birthday - which has been and gone :(
I told him he had to have feathers, as I was feather deprived... This one should take him through till after he is married ..lol

Carpenters Star

Daylight photo of the quilt on the floor so far.

It really is a big quilt.

Trying to work out the borders now.
Revisiting my QW classes from Carla Barrett.

After looking at this picture on the floor - I realize what other things I might have done :)  
however..... I'm happy with it 

Carpenter Star, Designs, FMQ,

After Midnight.. and time to stop for the day .

Here is what I am up to now..
Not taken with good lighting, but just wished to post what I am up to..

I will take some more distinct photos in the morning.
I am now up to the borders... and have my thinking cap on..

All feathers are freehand.. didn't mark them at all..
At least they are easier now, after a bit of a prolonged absence from all things quilted..

I had to complete the triangles by tonight , otherwise the purple lines would have disappeared.
So - things are progressing slowly.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Carpenter Star, Designs,

At my desk today

Do you like my table on the right ?
Boxes can always come in handy...

As I had broken  my design tool.. the large pavlova dish... I found a pizza cooking tin to replace the plate.. 
and this is how the design started out

Now to the triangles.

Carpenter Star, Designs,

Today's achievements

I am also calling this my wonky quilt...and maybe its even an Amish Quilt... as nothing is meant to be perfect.

When I took this photo below,,, I noticed I have a line of feathers in the wrong direction!.. now I cant bear to think of frogging it as the quilting stitch is fairly small.... however... maybe .. maybe not!

I was trying to keep some of the same things repeating in these blocks.. just hoping I havnt over done this

The lines surrounding the block are not equal enough... and as its after midnight here.. I think I am done for the night. ....I need sleep!

I have almost completed the 4 corner blocks... Next are the large triangles.. then the large borders..

Friday, January 24, 2014

Carpenter Star, FMQ,

Another update

I have now worked out and sewn, the design on the next small block

As you may guess - the plate is still in use. 
I am actually liking how the design is working...it surprised me to too, how the part circle continues in the small block.
So three more of the small blocks to do..
Then to work out how to do the outer white patches...... continue with the same theme or do something a bit different
Probably something similar..different feathers.

Off to get us some food and then to do some more :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Carpenter Star, Projects,

Time for a progress report
Have just completed the four blocks shown below..

As you may be able to see - I have been trying out my new Jamie Wallen 
Ruler from Quilters Apothecary .

I must admit to having problems at first... and kept going back to freehand ... the freehand didn't really look good, and finally after a light bulb moment ... I changed the open toe quilting foot...  to my darning foot.. and.. Voila .. had so much better control with Jamie's ruler.
It ONLY took me till the last of the four block were nearly completed.
 I think I mastered it! 

All the feathers were FMQ

 This was the third block last night.. using a blue water erasable marker.

I also used the purple vanishing eraser pen...and then lastly some blue chalk.

Mostly done freehand on the drawn lines

And the 'tool' I used for the half circles...
 I dropped the plate last night but salvaged enough to draw the last circle.  
My DH has taped up the edges of two of the pieces..in case I need it again :)

Some of the planning... which I didnt use ..

More to follow soon.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FMQ, Projects

An exercise in concentration.

I was fascinated when I found this fabric, and thought it would be good to quilt the design.

So in between thinking :) I have nearly finished this:-

Nearly there

This was my practice piece.

A true exercise for my wandering concentration!

Now back to work out what to do with it ...
and what to put on the blank spaces in my Carpenters star.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Projects, Carpenters Star

Now completed quilting all the rectangle pieces of the Carpenters Star

Next step is to work out what to put on the blank cream pieces..
Not to mention all those borders!

Thinking :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014


In the studio today.
Sorting tidying,changing, and deleting some things.. 
Exciting times!

Note the empty .. well soon will be ..space to the right.

Still got a way to go ...

Another bulletin soon :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Look what came in the mail today!

I had ordered this from Sherry Rogers-Harrison... and have been eagerly waiting for it.
Really impressed with it..

....And itching to start
Cant wait to work on this..But

Already working on this.. and having problems already..
I cut out all the small corner pieces..and its for  King sized quilt.. The small pieces were wrong!  so I had to go out and get more fabric.  .. so I need to re cut all of those little corner pieces ...and finish cutting all the rest... and sewing some samples so I know what I am doing.

Thanks to Joanne for here help with her informative photos on her blog...

Also working on Bonnie Hunters Mystery quilt..as some of that  was wrong too.. 
so more fabric added to stash :(
No photos of that as yet..still working out things..  yes I know - how could I go wrong with that..

Not to mention the quilting of the Carpenters star!

I think I need to give up on sleep...plus I have something else to work out too and need to rearrange the studio.. so see you all when I can.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Carpenters Star, FMQ

Current project - Carpenters star

This was meant to be a Christmas present to one of my Grandsons..
also combined with his 18th Birthday... so I am busy with it now.
Its way overdue!

Putting it all together

Beginning the ditching 

This was last year before we moved! in June 2013

This is showing - of a sort - the different designs I am doing for the rectangles.  
I am drawing the spines in 

Now in the new house

Center Star .. one design for the  8 points design

There are  2 design for these pieces, and unfortunately I havnt missed the picture with the second design

How I draw the designs on...
I first sketch them out to see how they go, and then just draw the stems and FMQ the feathers.
Bit shaky at times ,

Then when those are completed I will work out what to put in the cream squares..
Then the different borders.

Apologies for this post - I had several interruptions ... visitors etc..