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Monday, November 15, 2010

I have done another block that Joanne of Thread Head has designed

This is the second block

As i do it a little differently from the way Joanne has made them - she asked me to put up how I had done this.

I made the second block and took photos as I went.

I have drawn on some Applique Stabiliser which I got
from Sharon Schambers store which can be found here
I bought a roll of 5 yards.
When washed this stabiliser turns to fibre and sort of acts as a trapunto for your applique.
I havn't washed any yet so I am yet to see what happens.

I glue the fabric to this with Elmers purple glue - this is a form of starch and comes out when washed.

putting the glue on the stabiliser...three coats of the purple  Elmers Glue are necessary.

The stabiliser is pasted to the fabric
Very important to iron with a dry iron for each piece of applique as the glue is then heat set!...as it is starch.

And all the peices are cut out with a 1/8th edge
The glued pieces areall ironed with a dry iron

Elmers purple glue is applied to the edges of the appliqe stabiliser and the curves cut to about a thread or two near the actual edge of the finished piece. The rounded bits are pinched together with the thumb and forefinger, and the tips and sharp points are held with the small wooden manicure sticks and held down as you turn the fabric round.  It was hard to photograph as I had the camera in one hand.

These ones you turn round as you go and I did this with a manicure stick in each hand.  In my left hand I held down what I had done and my right hand carefully pleated small pieces till I had got round each small circle.
Each piece is ironed

Then I have put Elmers washable School glue right round the edges of the applique piece

Placed the pieces on my fabric with the aide of my light box.
Each piece is again ironed...as it needs to be set.

These are the tools I used with my block!

I have yet to machine the blocks, but this way did not take long at all.

Thanks Joanne for the design.


Janet said...

I've used a similar method with my stars ands sprigs quilt but I used Floriani stitch n tear. I'll be very interested to hear about this one after washing. Let us all know. It sure makes the stitching part go faster when the edges are already turned.

Brigitte said...

When you say 3 layers are you meaning glue or the fabric? If glue, how do you know you have 3 layers?

Crispy said...

Very interesting Joan, I love to see how others do their applique. I too am interested in what will happen when you wash the piece.


Karen said...

A very nice block and interesting method.

Melissa ;-) said...

Ooooo, neat stabilizer! I'm going to have to check that out!