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Friday, March 04, 2011

Learning on Nessie

I have been a bit flat  sad to say...and have a rotten headache - for a few days now.
Did a bit of sewing on Nessie...learning from the wonderful lesson by
What a helpful article!  Thank you Wendy!

I sewed buttonhoe stitch on the long green stems with white Aurifil and the rest with various colours in silk on the top and Aurofil in the bobbin.. 
Still have a bit more to go ... the stitch lenth is as Wendy suggested at 1.4 length and 1.4 width.
And I found the right foot too :)
Was OK when I went slow, but the small circles need some work. 
It was quite easy once I worked out how to change the width and the length...
I managed when I read the book :) 
When I have finished - I will put it together and play with the quilting.

The commissioned quilt went off with its owner yesterday... She liked it.

Visitors for the long weekend, so not sure how much sewing will get done.

Off to sit and wait for my head to come back to normal and then off to have a good sleep!


Sheila said...

It looks like a beautiful piece Joan , interesting applique . There is a trick to getting perfect applique and it is different with every machine so it is wonderful you have that help you do with this .That machine looks amazing !!Hope the headache goes away , maybe a good sleep is what the doctor ordered ;-)
hugs Sheila

Linda said...

So sorry about the headache! I know exactly what you mean about feeling flat! Applique is gorgeous!! Sounds like you and Nessie are getting along beautifully.

Janet said...

Itb takes awhile to form a bond with a Nessie. Your piece looks lovely, Wendy is so generous with her knowledge and encouragement. Feel better soon.

Ivory Spring said...


Looks like another beautiful quilt in progress - need some close-up pictures! :) Glad to hear that the buttonhole stitching is working out for you. :)


Crispy said...

Pretty quilt :0) I hope your head clears up for your company!!


Diana and LaDonna said...

So sorry to read about your headache and feeling off. I hope you are feeling better now.

I love Aurofil thread! It's my newest "discovery"! I'll have to try your combination of silk and Aurofil.


Neguko said...

It´s so difficult this stich, but so beautiful. Do you know that your Nessie has some diferent stichies of buttonhoe? I think it has simple, and other one... I will look at tomorrow in my machine, and I will tell you... Kisses and bye! So pretty the work. And I made a chistmas quilt of Nina Halvorsen, with this stich. If you want to see it is in my blog. Bye!