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Monday, March 07, 2011

Joanne, Threadheads Quilt Along and Family

Well I have managed to get 4 blocks done for my Threadheads Quiltalong with Joanne...after our family went back home,

Block #12

Block #13

I am not the most acurate with my sewing 1/4" seams, however - I keep trying.

My Son In Law and his youngest - having fun on the 4 X 4 at our house.

My youngest Daughter and my DH

My DD and myself - trying hard not to smile...

                                                          Cousins having fun together :)

and our small Poodle Sophie doing her Downward Dog pose.
Its the first time Andrea managed to capture that one...

Our guest have gone back home

So now to try to get some more blocks cut out...
Was a great weekend!


Unknown said...

It looks like you had a great weekend together - I'm glad

Crispy said...

Nothin' better than spending time with the family. I can almost hear the kids laughing in the tree LOL.

Your blocks look wonderful to me :0)


Diane said...

great pictures of your beautiful family-priceless memories for sure.
I LOVE your blocks.
I think I sew a pretty acturate seam but my blocks always end up a bit smaller than they should be but since it's always consistent I don't worry about it anymore--I've tried to adjust every way possible and find it's just not worth the time wasted.
20+ years piecing quilts and I finally accept it. I think this may mean I'm maturing....but it could just as easily mean something less appealing (or more appealing depending on your ideas about aging) ha :)

Sheila said...

I am so happy for you to have spent time with family this weekend , nothing quite as nice as that ;-0 Your blocks look great , everything seems to line up well and your fabrics are lovely .

Linda said...

Sounds like you had such a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed all the photos!

Anonymous said...

Love the downward dog pose. One day my daughter was home and doing a bit of yoga stretching, when she did a downward dog. The next thing I knew, my dog Boomer (half Great Dane, half Pit Bull), did the same pose opposite her. Only if I had only had my camera!

Rebecca said...

Nice looking family Joan ... nothing better then spending time with the family.
Love your blocks and the colors. Sometime my blocks are a little off but I think it might be in the cutting...I just sqaure them up.

*karendianne. said...

Beautiful blocks, love the downward dog… hee!!! Great family photos, too.

Mary L. said...

Great blocks. Isn't this a fun project?

liz said...

Nice family time is the best! We have 2 miniature black poodles. As one poodle owner to another, I know you'll agree they can't help but look cute.

Karen said...

Lovely blocks and photos of the family. Funny the picture of the dog. So cute!

Ivory Spring said...

Love your family pictures. Those blocks are looking pretty!