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Sunday, May 23, 2010

FMQ Challenge 22nd May  - Last piece for now

This is the last piece for the FMQ Challenge - the sun was out for a while and it is easier to see the pattern developing.  Today when I went to take a photo - no sun...so I shall post the back of the completed sample and when the sun finally comes out and the light is good - I will post another photo of the completed front - bound and all! 

This as you can see is the detail on the back -
NOW - I need to move onto some hand sewing again!

The top was sewn with a soft red silk thread and the back in a light Aurofil thread... I used a #70 sewing needle. The wadding was cotton and the completed piece has been washed.
I did use the BSR for a while - but I changed to an  open-toe darning foot,  as I felt more comfortable using that.
I will post the front again when we have sunshine - May be a while :)


*karendianne. said...

Spectacular. Joan, you know I was wondering if this work is difficult on your body. I mean, do your arms and shoulders and back get tired?

Wendy said...

Congrats on your two weeks! Your FMQ looks fantastic. Do you feel your abilities have grown with the practice? I'll put you in the pot for the drawings.

Sandy said...

I am envious! You have really got a handle on this...I am going to miss the day to day "growth" report-it is so helpful to watch as you progress, Sandy

Joanne said...

Absolutely stunning!! Congratulations on finishing the FMQ Challenge!

Melissa ;-) said...

I love the look of the quilting on plain fabric. Reminds me of an old quilt my grandma had which had no piecing at all, only stitching. Back then I loved it, but now that I understand it, I am awed as I know it was hand done. I won't ever do that with my carpal tunnel, bit I hope someday to be able to FMQ.

Sue-Anne said...

I love it and I think I like the back better, it has that whole cloth look to it.

Sandra Henderson said...

Amazing! Such detail! I admire your work so much... XO

A Gardner's Cottage said...

You do such beautiful work!

Ivory Spring said...

You have outdone yourself again, my dear Friend! They just keep getting more and more fabulous.

GailM. said...

Love the pictures of the quilt show. I too loved seeing all the machine quilting. It's so inspiring. This last little piece is so sweet. I'm down to the last 3 days of my challenge too. I'm so glad I did it.