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Monday, May 03, 2010

Yesterday we have some welcome visitors.  Stuart called in with his eldest son ( our eldest Grandson ) Kristoffer. 

They had been out Fishing and were on their way home.  Kristoffer caught a huge
salmon...but gave it away to someone at the beach - He really did !  I saw the photo :)
Stuart admired the 'Taj Mahal' Alias the Chook yard

Andrea 'twitching' the wire, my DH and Stuart. Oh and our little toy poodle Sophie

AND - the chooks :)

We are now following Stuarts blog, which he has just started.  He is the Principal of Withers Primary School not far from here.  He was awarded a Churchill Fellowship last year, and in two weeks is off to visit schools in England, Scotland and Wales.  He will keep track of his travells on his blog.  Jennifer, his wife will be with him, and they will be away for 8 weeks.
I look forward to seeing what he will be doing and where he will be going.

Back to quilting tomorrow ...and now I will go cut out the hexagons
......till tomorrow.


Crispy said...

The chooks look like they REALLY want to be out in the bigger area LOL. Love the flower fabrics in your last post :0)


Sandy said...

Yay! Martha Stewart is all about fresh eggs from your own hens as she says...some of the eggs are blue! (A really lovely shade)- we will be watching how these new ladies do...Sandy

*karendianne. said...

How cute to see the "chooks" - never knew that word. Fun to see your family, too. :) Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Your chooks are looking great! :) And what a cute name for your "chooks central"! ;)

Stuart Cumming said...

Nice Car