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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Today's very rushed FMQ
We are having a 'logging' day tomorrow to collect wood for our fire,  - a picnic day  - and I have been out most of today...and I guess that goes for most of tomorrow too..  This is a fairly dull photo but I wanted to show the quilting, which is a bit hard to see in a bright light on this fabric

This is the back - you can see a bit more clearly what I have done. 
I am only doing a SMALL piece tomorrow.
My apologies for not answering mail for now - but I will get back  to those wonderful comments as soon as I can...

I am off to get some food - or I guess we will all starve...its 6.30pm now!!


Unknown said...

The quilting is beautiful! Have a great time logging.

Crispy said...

We would gather wood when we were growing up. We LOVED those weekends even if it was hard work :0)


Chartreuse Moose said...

I'm so impressed with your mastery of machine quilting! Wow!!! Hoping someday to gather courage to give it a try...oh what fun that will be! Happy logging!

Char said...

Beautiful work!

Wendy said...

Lovely, lovely lovely! I'm going to start taking a notepad with me to work so I can design/practice during breaks like you do!

Stuart Cumming said...

Hi Mum. Look great. Happy Mothers Day.

Love Stu

What Comes Next? said...

I just love your FMQ'ing - it looks incredible! All your practise is really paying off. Hope you had some successful logging af a nice picnic

Sue-Anne said...

Another beautiful piece of quilting Joan. Have fun "logging". We used to do the same as you when the kids were little and it always turned out to be a fantastic, fun family day.