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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

POTC No 6 in the third row completed today...2 more to go for this row, then I will join the rows I have completed so far....which take some time...

There are 8 POTC blocks to each row and there are 9 rows...so lots to go.
The main part of the blocks are all done, and all the small joining squares...I just need to sew all the cream on and the small 1" joiners.
Just - :)

It was cold and foggy here last night.  This was taken just before the sun went down at 5.45pm.

This is Andrea with the beautiful Carrot cake she made for our guests over the weekend.

Now I need to sew what I unpicked of the small quilt...hope to get this done tonight.


Rena said...

Please work diligently to rectify...your Quilt is so beautiful

Thanks for the amazing nice picture, yes it´s coming to winter.

Andrea`s cake looks very tasty, she`s a pretty girl


blauraute said...

Hello Joan,
the colors of your quilt are beautiful, I like it very much.
Your picture shows the coming winter. I hope it will be summer in Germany!!!
The cake Andrea baked looks very tasty.
Greetings from a little town near frankfurt

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

well Joan this quilt is going to be gobsmakingly wondrous@

Terry said...

Joan the potc is beautiful. I enlarged the photo from the previous post. Great colors and lots of fussy cutting. The detail is beautiful. Stay inspired.

Good luck with the quilting.
Andrea can bake anytime she likes.

Happy Week


Marion B. said...

What beautiful colours; the quilt, the picture and the flowers (and smile) in front of the cake.

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

Hi Again Joan1 I just wanted to let you know I do always visit your blog but I am remiss about leaving comments! I am always rushing off somewhere!

Crispy said...

I just drool every time I see your POTC blocks, they are so beautiful!! Wonderful looking carrot cake Andrea...you have such a beautiful smile :0)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I will love to see that quilt when you have it done! Are you planning on hand quilting this one?

Deanna said...

A little at a time....it will get done. Love the foggy look, almost magical to one who lives in the desert.

Let the girl keep cooking so the woman can keep sewing. :) I find my children handy for that from time to time.

Chartreuse Moose said...

I adore these blocks, thanks for the close-up photo! I've been trying to figure out how to draft one...is it one patch? The fabric choices are wonderful! Great photos, even if they do point toward cooler temps. A daughter who likes to cook, can't get better than that!

Wendy said...

What a lovely view! I believe I'll come visit you some year.

Andrea looks like she's a really good cook, too. Yum!

Sandra Henderson said...

Your quilt is so beautiful. Great looking carrot cake Andrea! Lovely photo of where you live. :)

*karendianne. said...

Yummy Carrot Cake. Andrea is so sweet! And I'm so happy to see a photo of your POTC. The fabrics you chose for this are impressive. Someday (don't want to waste your time here - I know you're busy) I'd like to know how you decided to use these fabrics. They really made a difference, made it radiant.

Sue-Anne said...

Your quilt is amazing, so much work in it but totally worth the effort for the final result.
That's great that Andrea is taking an interest in baking and she looks like she has done a wonderful job.

Julia said...

Oh Joan it's beautiful!
The colours just make it so stunning..
That is a lot of work but well worth it..
Andrea's cake looks so yummy..
Julia ♥

Ivory Spring said...


Your garden is growing very nicely! Your POTC blocks always take my breath away.

And Andrea is such a sweetheart!

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Lovely blocks! And the cake looks yummy!