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Monday, January 03, 2011

Machine Quilting

Hoping all have a Happy and Healthy New Year for 1011.

I have managed, between having a couple of falls (good bones - just bruises ) and burning a couple of fingers on my right hand :(   .. all OK now...to get a few things sewn.
First completed is Sophies Quilt.

I used double cotton wadding and Aurofil thread top and bobbin.
May just do the singe cotton wadding on the table runner..not sure yet.
THhe blue washable Berol ink pen washed out quite well - but I think I maybe should have left it longer.

A small not too good photo just to show Sophie on her quilt.
Better to have something completed with my play quilting....she seems happy too :)

I have more to show later...Andrea has been busy playing with her small brother, who is here for a week,

And we had a great Christmas here with family and friends.

and Friends :)
Andrea had to stick a pin in the balloons to get here gift and lots of sparklies.

More later.


Beatriz said...

Sophie is a lucky girl. I see she is grateful and loves it.

Hope you´re fine by now and rady to get a wonderful year started.

Emma said...

That is one spoilt little poodle! Ours pretty much ahve the run of the house, but a quilt like that? No way! Cocoa at least would be bound to chew it, despite his 8 years, though Shadow could possibly be trusted!

Beatriz said...

Joan, tks for visiting my blog. Mother tongue is Portuguese.
I´ve been following your blog and I really admire your work. Can´t even say I´ve been learning, actually. Just getting a glimpse of the long way ahead of me.
Tks again.

Crispy said...

Sophie looks very please with her new blanket. She can lay there an stare at all that beautiful quilting :0)

I noticed all the cute hats at the family table, is that a tradition "down under"? I love the present in the balloon idea too :0)


Linda said...

Joan, your quilting is gorgeous. Just stunning. You did such a beautiful job!! I can't stop staring at the photos!! Sophie is a lucky pup!!

Your family photos are great! What fun! I'm glad that you have strong bones. LOL! No more falling, please.

Sunshine said...

Hi Joan,

love the quilting! So you put double quilt lines between the feather petals, hmm, I think that gives a much nicer effect than the travelling I've been doing to end up with just a single line. My crazy-quilted brown-turquoise artsy quilt is ready for binding, I'll post pictures soon - it looks like a quilt by a mad-quilter as I just went and quilted the heck out of it... I'm going to start practicing drawing feathers on paper next - that does seem like very good advice :)

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I hope you are fully recovered from your mishaps - Happy New Year to your and your family.
What a super quilt Sophie has now - great job and what a combination of designs.

Rena said...

Joan all my best wishes to you , have a happy and healthy New Year


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Joan - your quilt is stunning. Hope you are ok now and it looks like you all had such fun :0)

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your quilting is amazing! Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

What Comes Next? said...

Sophie's quilt is beautiful! Can I come be your dog to get one for myself? Looks like you had a fun and festive dinner party with family and friends - and of course crackers and paper hats! Can't have a Christmas dinner without those!
No more falls, okay? Have a happy, safe new year!

Ivory Spring said...

Exquisite quilting!!!! I love the family pictures!

Janet said...

Oh, look at Sophie, she loves her quilt and I loved seeing the quilting on it, fabulous!

Karen said...

Happy New Year Joan! Love the photo of everyone around the table.