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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Machine Quilting

Here is a movie Andrea has just put together of how I have been using my Fine Line Rulers, designed by Carol Olsen, with my Domestic Sewing Machine, a Bernina 440 QE

Here are some pictures of the Black Berol pen in  stages as I washed it out...
 as you can see not much happened to the pencil. 
All the black turned bue and ran,  then the blue disappeard and the lines went rusty red.!

Then it was just pink water....and

All gone  in a matter of moments  .... except the pencil. 
I may just stick with the Berol washable marker.

Andrea is 'clonking' around on her Pointe shoes again!

I will be off-line for a while tomorrow as there will be someone looking down my throat... and thankfully I will be knocked out!


Janet said...

Isn't it amazing how the Berol comes out? The pencil may come out with this recipe which I had to use once.
1/4 cup water, 3/4 cup rubbing alcohol and about ten drops of dishwashing liquid. I make half that amount and use a very soft baby toothbrush, I did add more of the disghwashing liquid which I found better. Be careful not to rub too much on the fibres.
All the best for tomorrow.

Miriam said...

Thank you for the video. I have never seen those rulers before.
Good luck for the procedure tomorrow.

Joanne said...

Great video - the rulers do seem very useful.
Glad the cyclone got down graded. Andrea looks unbelievable on those point shoes.
Take care.♥

Unknown said...

Thanks Joan for the video
I'm happy using the washable pens (to be honest I just pop the panel in the washing machine for a short rinse and spin cycle and add a little fabric conditioner, not problems so far)
I've been back at my machine today, cleaned the fluff out, trying to undo a screw bent back 1/2 of my thumb nail, ooch, adjusted the bobbin tension, and yipee got the fused bird stitched.
Take care tomorrow I hope your appointment goes ok and you have lots of folk fussing over you when you get home

Crispy said...

I hope all goes well with the Dr!! I'll keep you in my thoughts.


Cheryl M. said...

Thanks Joan and Andrea for the video. I have been wondering about these rulers with a DSM now I know. :)
Cheryl M.

Anonymous said...

Joan, love the video-thank you. I have the rulers and was not having a lot of success and the video helps. Question-why did you change to the closed foot for the rulers?

Linda said...

I'm so glad the cyclone was downgraded!! Thanks so much for the great video!!

Simone de Klerk said...

Incredible, how the pen works. The pink water picture made me a bit scared, but luckily there was the final one!

Bev in TX said...

From what store did you purchase the Berol washable markers?