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Friday, January 28, 2011

More quilting

I have been busy again...and it is sooooo hot!!

This is what I have been up to today
I have my Pffaf on the right and my Bernina 440 on the left. 
On the right I am working on the SITD for quilt I am quilting on for a friend
I dont have much more of that to do.
Think I have worked out what to do on the sashing...but thats all!

This is what I was finishing on the Bernina - and I actually got the tension right for the silk...I have marks on the bobbin and on the top tension... that interesting ...I actually remembered what they were for :)

I decided to wash it before I completed it,  to see what would happen to all the marking.
The light blue disappeared as it hit the water.. that was good!
The pencil I had marked,  I  had marked too hard...that was not good!
The black Berol washable pen did come out, but gave me a start as it went pink after a while - its out now...that is good, but was a bit of a worry
It soaked for nearly 24 hours.  Its washed and is drying, but some of the pencil is still showing.
Thats still not good.

Now the other interesting thing for us here is that we are on a Cyclone Watch!!
Unusual for us this far South.
Cyclone Bianca  is at present a Cyclone 3 category, and is curently tracking down our coast.  It is due to come in and hit us here...on Sunday, with winds at 120km/hour.
By then it should be a category 1!!


No idea what to expect .  The last Cyclone we had this far down was in the 1970's - and I DO remember that!  Not good.
So tomorrow we need to move some loose things out of the way...
I may shift my sewing machines to another room just in case, and we will wait and see what happens.
Its HOT and very Humid just now!

Will let you know how we go.


What Comes Next? said...

Another beauty Joan! I love all this quilting you are doing. Too bad the pencil marks didn't all come out, but chances are, because you are so close to the piece, and know the marks are there, you're seeing them where the rest of us would only see the gorgeous quilting! I hope the cyclone changes direction and you're not hit too hard this weekend.

Sheila said...

Beuatiful quilting and it was interesting to see you have the 440 plus the Pfaff as I have both of those as well , that is if the pfaff is a 7550 , yours could be the 7570 which had the embroidery unit .I love both machines :-) Sure hope the cyclone does not hit you , that does sound scary .

Janet said...

I'm loving the quilting, gorgeous as usual. I hope that cyclone gets downgraded, sounds a worry.

Diane said...

your quilting is fantastic! Hope the Cyclone passes you by, sounds scary.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your quilting is just stunning. Hope all goes well this weekend. It sounds terribly frightening. Hopefully it goes another way and leaves you in peace.

Crispy said...

Goodness, two machines going at one time!! You are a sewing Goddess!!

I hope the cyclone totally misses you....they are NOT fun!!


*karendianne. said...

Interesting to read about your experiencing with marking tools. I'm paying attention to this cyclone business. We get hurricanes so I understand, regardless of their strength, its wise to be on top of it!