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Monday, January 24, 2011

Machine Quilting

Some shots of the back of the Table Runner

At least the tnesion looks OK on the back :)

And today I was given this to quilt.... A first for me,  as I have never quilted someone else's quilt before!! 

I think with this one I will need to keep a log of time spent - and how much cotton I have used.
Its a practise one for me - but special to the owner and her friend who she is to give it to.
I has a wool wadding and is for a bed, so I guess the quilting should not be too intense?
Lots of ITD work to do first to anchor it...and I will see what to do from there.

I may do the ITD work with my Pffaf... and do this on the 'cutting' table to see how I go. 
Oh - for a long-arm - now woudn't that be fun!! 


Janet said...

What a lovely compliment to your quilting that you get to play with someone else's quilt. It'll be lovely when you're done. I'm trying to get the time to start my biggie.

Linda said...

Table runner quilting is beautiful. How exciting your first quilt you will be quilting for someone else!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Crispy said...

I agree with Janet, it is a wonderful compliment to your talents to be given someone else's quilt to work on. I'm sure you will create your usual magic!!


Leeanne said...

Good for you Joan, you do such lovely work and the owner of the quilt must also agree to entrust you with her quilt.

*karendianne. said...

Oh I think you're really going to love that wool. I wouldn't know myself but my friends say it's lovely to work with.

That said, congrats on having this first quilt to work with. I KNOW you'll make it stunning! You're work is always like that. :) Stunning.

Linda said...

Happy Australia Day! Elaina just mentioned that it was marked on her calendar and wanted to make sure I mention it on all my friends' blogs from Australia!! :-)