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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night's Sew in

This is some of my Friday Night's Sew in...and now I am working out the small border.
This is a border I learnt from Carla Barrett of Feathered Fibers...I did a class with her in November.
I learnt a lot - including to draw before I sew :)

I am changing the colour of the thread to a light apricot as the pink I used before is too exact and its had to see where I am going. Its the lower one I will be using.
I am using Aurofil thread top and bottom.
I was disapainted with the sewing in the fillers in the circles as I didnt have the tension correct and try as I might - it didnt fix.  Sad...
Another learning curve.

Now to tackle the finishing small border...the binding will probaly take me longer :)


Deanna said...

Your quilting is so beautiful it makes my fingers itch. If I were closer I think I would come over to your house and bind your quilts while I watched you quilt. WOuldn't that be a lovely day?!

Anonymous said...

I love how your pianokeys turned out; it balances the whole thing, giving the eye a place to rest before moving on to the next beautiful feature.
In one of your previous posts you were using a ruler alongside your foot. Could you tell me how that functions? Do you actually keep it on the work whilst sewing?? That is smart!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leave such a nice comment, i truly appreciate it.
Have a nice sunday,

Janet said...

What a lovely scroll pattern and the peek at the runner is a treat, looking great.

Unknown said...

Joan what a great job you are doing - I hope at some point I can get my machine to work in a similar fashion, but like you I've got problems and mine is just a basic sewing machine

Rebecca said...

Joan.... what beautiful quilting. Your border turned out great.

Joanne said...

I love how the piano key border turned out.
Carla's design is one I seem to use lots now - I did learn lots in the course.
I seem to have problems with my machine tension lately - it seems to change as I sew and I have to keep adjusting it!!

Crispy said...

Your quilting is always so beautiful!! I so wish I had your talent for drawing :0)


Linda said...

Beautiful swirls!! Did you take an online class with Carla? I think I would love to take a class from her!