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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Machine Quilting

Some more of my progress with the table runner

I bought some sets of the Fine Line Rulers from Carol Olsen of Accents in Design....and have been learning how to use them on my DSM.
I actually forgot to use them for most of these corner blocks.

I dont usually use that foot, and find the closed toe darning foot works best. 
Sometimes it's difficult to see where I am going, and it's hard to learn that I need to allow for the 1/4" that the sewing foot takes up.  If you look closely at the corner, you can see where I did the lines freehand ... thinking to be a bit quicker...shouldnt have, but there you are.
I have drawn these corners in, and they are the same design that I have used in the corners of the blocks with the circles in.

Here is the completed corner..you can see the difference that using the ruler makes.
I just need  practice that a lot - and remember I have these great rulers!

I am using the 6" cc ruler to go around the border with and hope to sort some feathers in the inside cuve which you can see in this photo also...and do some 'piano' quilting on the rest of the border...
I am going to need to work out how it fits in, but I love a challenge.

I still have the 'fillers' to put in the white square blocks - and that will take some time too.

Back to my sewing now.


Joanne said...

The table runner is looking amazing - your machine quilting is always so impressive!!
I have never thought of using a ruler - great idea.

Sheila said...

You have a great deal of patience , I am pretty sure that I couldn't master this ,really lovely.

Linda said...

Your quilting is gorgeous. Beautiful job. I'm just so impressed. I love the ruler work. I can see where that would take practice as well as coordination!! Beautiful work!!

Melissa ;-) said...

I wish I had one tenth of your talent! Beautiful!

Quilt Rat said...

Love to see this progression.......your practice is paying off....look at that wonderful quilting! Great job!

Beatriz said...

Looks beautiful. Can´t wait to see it done. Hope the friend you are giving it to realizes how special this really is.

Anonymous said...

Any tricks to using the rulers? I tried them and it was okay but not the perfect lines I was hoping for. Maybe I need more time?

Leeanne said...

You are doing such a beautiful job on this...good old Bernina! (well not so old)

Angie @ CraftedAngles said...

Very impressive machine quilting. Great job with your FNSI project.

Angie - http://craftedAngles.com

Borderline Quilter said...

Joan, I love Carols rulers too...I was a beta tester for the new Curved Cross Hatching Rulers.....I love them...I also love this table runner...great work

Best Wishes
Kay in Scoltand