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Friday, October 01, 2010

Yesterday and today I worked on this..

Below is the front where I have drawn on the design with a bic Pencil
I have used Sharon Schambers. basting method.

and this below is the back.

I have used sik thread on the top and Aurofil thread for the back...There is a change of colour for the back, as I cant find the natural colour, and changed to a white.
I have made a few boo-boo's, but on the whole I am happy with it. 
Amazing what you forget in a short time..... 
This is my test piece, its 1/4 of the whole quilt.
More of this next week.

And another Zentangle...they are addictive!!

I started this on the plane home, and completed it yesterday.
I have'nt shaded this one...I forgot!
I hope to get some more of the POTC quilt done over the weekend...


Unknown said...

The quilting is beautiful as are the Zentangles!

Joanne said...

The FMQ is fantastic!

Crispy said...

It's so wonderful to see your quilting again :0) It's beautiful and I certainly can't see any boo boo's LOL.


Sharon said...

Your quilting looks wonderful. Smart to take the time on a practice piece first. Your quilt is going to be beautiful.

Sheila said...

Your quilting is amazing ! What is a Zentangle? Sorry to be so stupid but I have never heard of it other than here on your blog .

Ivory Spring said...

You are so talented... not only with fabrics, but also with art.

Can't wait to see more of that wholecloth.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful feathers! Your quilting is beautiful.