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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bali Zentangles.
Lying on a bed of beautiful white silk I got in Bali...
guess what I want to get more of next year :)

I actually did do the Zentangles in beauriful Bali

And yes I do have plans for the silk ...not for a while though,,,I am presently doing some practise machine quilting ....

Whooo Hoooo ...I'm back!!


https://www.morgan.hess.morgansquiltingandcuttingblog.com/search?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.morgan.hess.morgansquiltingandcuttingblog.com said...

Hello Joan, As always your work is just so beautiful! I saw your pictures of your trip, and you sure looked like you were having fun! Feel good with your back. Love to see all you make. Hugs my friend, Morgan

Sandy said...

I love these! Mine are quite primitive yet- I can see I need more dark in the drawing- I did them in pencil, but when I do use a pen, I'll take a picture- love, sandy

Joanne said...

Your zentagles are amazing - so thrilled that I have one of my own!
I am glad to hear that you are back!!

Crispy said...

Wow those are beautiful!! It's amazing seeing how your mind works.

I'm sooooo very happy that you are back!! I'm looking forward to future posts with you awesome quilting :0)


Quilt Rat said...

WOW! These are fabulous!
I am impressed!!!!!

Sharon said...

Love the Zentangles, they are very inspiring for your machine quilting designs. Lovely

*karendianne. said...

Oh Joan, you put me in the JUST the right frame of mind with such a delicate and dazzling post. Thank you my friend. Thank you so much!