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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Started this tonight...and stopped!!
What a mess it looks.  I am unpicking already.
Lessons learned -  and I have only just started
1. dont draw so heavily
2 .Use a fine bic pencil
3. be more particular with the drawing
4. Use more startch.
5.  Wait till tomorrow!!
6. Unpick more basting as you go.
( I got hooked up on threads.)

More tomorrow - maybe. 
I need some sleep!!
Its amazing how much more difficult it is to manaouver this size!!


Melissa ;-) said...

I suppose the only you learn is by getting your feet wet. On the other hand your hints and tips are sure going to help your readers stay a little drier!

Unknown said...

Lesson learned - and thanks for the advice - I'll use this and hopefully be actually able to do something in due course - when I get a design sorted and the nerve up
Looking forward to seeing your progress photos soon

Sheila said...

I think you are more than brave to even tackle it in the first place , looks so difficult to me . I would like to learn but I think I will start with something a little simpler ;-)

Deanna said...

Sew...unsew...sew...unsew...we all do a lot of it. BUt, your final result will be worth it. The rest will help, too.

Crispy said...

So sorry you are having such problems!! I know you will eventually end up with a beautiful finish :0)


Vickie and Chris said...

Joan so wonderful to have found your blog. I love what you have been doing and to see how grown up Andrea is. I often think of you as we drive past.
Vicki M from BP@QG