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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

We have been busy and having fun!

We had Pitza tonight!

I unpicked some of my Flowers so I could have something for my One Flower Wednesday
I wanted to use some of my orphan hexagons that Sandy gave me.

Andrea's little brother Patrick forgot his pyjamas and borrowed some of Andrea's.
Not a clear photo, but it made me smile.

Its been a busy few days :)


Rena said...

Ooooh Pizza ...yummy yummy, Joan...:-))))

Your Wednesday Flowers are lovely and these Flowers in left side of your first picture, too.
What are these flowers ?
The picture of Andrea and her brother make me smile too :-)))


Marion B. said...

Sweet, the flowers and the kids I mean.

Birdie said...

Very pretty

Crispy said...

The pizza looks really good!! I laughed at Patrick's goofy grin. He's a brave boy to wear his sister's jammies LOL.


Joanne said...

Yummy pizza!! But I have never seen flowers like the ones in that picture!♥

Anonymous said...

Love your flowers and the pizza. My hubby makes yummie pizza too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers! Yes. it is a nice picture that makes you smile - a happy boy!

Sandy said...

The children are beautiful! I know they are fun too ;) Sandy

*karendianne. said...

...and such fun it is, too! Love that dinner. Yummy. Your flowers are so pretty and I'm giggling and happy seeing Andrea and her brother having fun together. What a happy moment. Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

I love pizza ..... looks ssooooo yummmy! Don't ya just love grandkids??

Betsy said...

Lovely hexie flowers.

Karen said...

The pizza looks very yummy! Sweet photo of Andrea and Patrick. And, your flowers are looking good Joan.

Kate said...

Hi Joan....some lovely flowers for your hexi garden....Love the dresden quilt...I just said WOW!!!!

Elly D said...

WOW! You've had a busy time. Love your art work and all your pictures of Bali! What a beautiful place.
Your POTC is coming along wonderfully and your quilting is gorgeous! You are such a talented lady with a beautiful family :-) I hope you are all well.

Christina said...

I was just this morning wondering how my flowers would look with a white hexie ring around them, so thankful I stopped by and saw your Wednesday flowers!! Lovely!

Eileen said...

Your flowers are lovely and the pizza.....can I come for left overs?

Ivory Spring said...

Your flowers look pretty, Joan! And I love that shot of Andrea and Patrick.