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Monday, October 18, 2010

Finished this Machine quilting  last night and sewed the binding on
Its only 1/4 of the whole quilt.
It measures 14" x 14"
It is sewn with  natural coloured YLI silk thread on top and Aurifil 50wt thread underneath. 
 Wool wadding between.
The fabric is cream cotton Moda.
I used a 70 machine needle. The 60 broke.

I have a whole roll of cotton wadding here, but have never used it, and am hesitant :(

Below are some close-ups.
I designed this myself after looking at  Sharon Schambers videos on line.

Now I am putting it into a bucket of water and a little soap to soak..to see if the pencil comes out ...fingers crossed!

Next bit will be the whole cloth design I have ready...will take me some time I guess.
This next one will be 28"x28". is whilte and I will use white YLI Silk thread .


Leeanne said...

really lovely Joan, love the creamy colour....and your quilting of course!!!

Wendy said...

I can't wait to see the wholecloth. It's going to be stunning!

Anonymous said...

Stunning work - absolutely beautiful.

Joanne said...


Quilter Kathy said...

Wow! Wendy sent me over to see your quilting! Great job!

Emma said...

Well done; it looks terrific!

Crispy said...

Beautiful Joan!! If the pencil doesn't come out let me know. There is a cleaning formula that takes them out wonderfully.


Vicki H. said...

Very pretty and the detail is just lovely.

Melissa ;-) said...

Joan, I just love visiting your blog and staring at your creations!

Brigitte said...

What beautiful work. I'm glad you are also including the thread you use.

Janet said...

It looks stunning, let us know if the pencil marks come out. I'm curious if the starching method helps with that.

Unknown said...

This is simply stunning - I'm breaking into FMQ on a domestic machine and dithering between trying something with a hand dyed panel of fabric as a self designed whole cloth or sorting out a hand stitched modern applique panel - I must research designing whole cloth panels - there could be a cross over between the two to keep me 'entertained'

*karendianne. said...

Sometimes, some pieces ask for few words, descriptions of emotions. Speechless and in a state of delightful awe.

Sandra said...

This is so beautiful! The workmanship is amazing and a challenge for me to further develop my skills:)