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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here is some of what I did today...

My cutting table - its a lot messier now !!

Not too sure of this yet... after not having done this sort of thing for a while...I didn't find it much fun! 
However I have more of less got myself into the swing of things...SO maybe I will keep plodding on.
I am using my Pffaf sewing machine...and I really am not as happy with this.
I much prefer to use my Bernina 440 ..  but that is threaded for my machine quilting...and I don't want to change the tension!
Then I just did some drawings for my visual Diary...so here that is too.

Now I have a choice of hand sewing and/or machine quilting.

Till next time.


Rebecca said...

Beautiful colors! That is going to be one beautiful quilt. Your cutting board looks like mine..lol

Leeanne said...

Love the look of this blue quilt, look forward to you post of the the finished article,no pressure.

Crispy said...

Ooooo pretty!! What is this project for?

I know what you mean about not being excited about a project....especially if it requires squaring up....not my favorite thing to do LOL.


Brigitte said...

I love your colour choice.