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Monday, October 25, 2010

I havnt blogged for a while .....because....I have been trying to sort out my very messy Studio...I cant find things...so I actually have thrown a lot of books I dont use ..  out!! 
And put a lot of books in shelves in the garage

At 1.15am Yesterday/today - I was still sorting my studio - yet again.

Sorted my design wall  - yet again...
My POTC is off there ready to put some more blocks to it ..hopefully.

And chaos reigns on this side of the studio...also at 1.15am
I went to bed shortly afterwards.

I have been busy - but not sewing much. 
Working on my QW classes and now a bit bugg-eyed!!

Two frogs have re-appeared in our frog pnd - they appear during the sunny hours of the day and disappear about 4.0pm.

They are actually quite big.
We now have a new pond with lots of tadpoles.
No frogs in that one yet!! 
I thought this was a happy photo to finish with - Its Andrea and her small brother Patrick.

Back to more drawings and I guess we need food!!


*karendianne. said...

I love that you shared so much of your creative area with us. My Mom says "everything we share is a gift" and with that in mind it feels like Christmas. I love the Chaos. I feel like someone has come along and said "see, it really is okay..." Now, onto the delight of nature - what neat photos. And always happy to see Andrea and Patrick. It's true. Everything you share with us is a gift.

Crispy said...

Lots a pretty projects on your design wall. Why do we let the chaos get so far out of hand? Must be the need to create LOL.


PS - The e-mail problem has been resolved so you shouldn't get anymore bounced mail :0)

Melissa ;-) said...

I have come to accept that tackling the sewing room on a regular basis is just part of quilting. I just repeat the mantra, "Sew a little, quilt a lot"!

Julia said...

My sewing room is a mess ..it's a bit hard to be creative without making a messs...and BOOKS, I have enough to sart a book shop, some will have to go very soon.
Nice to see you back posting..
Julia ♥

Janet said...

I haven't worked out how to create and be tidy so I've decided it's part of the progress. The design wall looks good.

Anonymous said...

Your design wall looks great with it's various projects up on it - I think it's nearly impossible to create and stay tidy at the same time (especially when 'an idea' hits you and you have to get going on it 'Now' lol)

Deanna said...

Your studio looks pretty good to me. Well-stocked and well-used.