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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tablet design Class.

A little something I drew yesteday
AND finished in the early hours of the morning with a cramped hand!

As you can see I am not quite finished... 
was just too much in a whole day and night !

Now for the next lesson...and a webininar tonight from 2.am - 3.0am, my time.. and I have missed two and at least got them the next day...I am determined to be online for this one

till next time.


Cathy Hetzel said...

That's an awesome design.......can't wait to see what you will be drawing and designing by the end of the course......

Unknown said...

This is beyond belief stunning, really really stunning
Question is are you going to make it ;o)

Leeanne said...

Looking great!
I missed all three of Carla's webininar's when I did her quilt whisperer class!
Go set your alarm clock.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Wow!! what more can I say?? amazing work.

What Comes Next? said...

you sure have got the knack for this Joan! I hope you woke up in time for the webinar - that would be a tough one, for sure.