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Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Have been busy re-arranging my studio...
YES  I need to sew again!
I started resorting and throwing out a few days ago.  
Two tables are out of there!

My cutting table is sorted - at least on the bottom. 
Some fabric and notions are stacked in the cupboards behind, and books at the top.
I have a heap of magazines in the garage, which I think need to find a new home, and a 
another stash of many things - fabric :) and odds and ends of past crafts...which I need to get rid of!
Yes - its still not good on the top, and my ironing board in stuck helplessly againt half of my large design wall.
At last I can get to these drawers again...
My WCQ lies languishing in the cornere...first thing I want to get completed!
My Bernina 820 is keeping dust free (I hope) under the black square - which is also waiting to be completed!

This is taken today - can you see that things on the cutting table top are getting less!
Over on the far wall is where I sit to do my applique.
My Pffaf machine is there too.
And some light relief of Andrea and friends in the production of the play The Lost Thing
wish was staged over the last tow weeks.  
She played an old man!!
 She is the cross-eyed one at the back!

 Andrea and her Drama teacher Jason Bancroft.

I couldnt resist this one...yes she had her teeth coloured especially .... and she and she alwasy tries to get a photo of herself crosseyed...which I hate...but its fun here.

So - back to clearing the top of the cutting tabel and THEN to get some binding cut for the WCQ!!!


Raewyn said...

Wow you won't know yourself with your new look!!!I bet you found some goodies you'd forgotten about. Andrea looks like she enjoyed her production :-)

Cathy Hetzel said...

It is a interesting time having a clean out....you will feels great when you have finished....and inspired......

Michele said...

Your sewing room progress is inspiring! Looks like it was a fun production.

Linda said...

Those teeth!!!