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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quilt West Show in Perth Western Australia

Yesterday I went to the Quilt West show in Perth.
SOooo loverly to see all the quilts.
My apologies to Yvonne Skodt for nearly spelling her name incorrectly - It was a bit difficult to correct - but I hope that will be OK
Congratulations to you Yvonne, for your beautiful quilt.

 I was delighted to see Desley Maisano from Addicted to Quilts  wonderful quilt there - Ruled by Chocolate.
I should have photoshopped the chain out, but it was a bit too detailed for me!

Today I have been going through some of the photos...
I hope to put some more up soon

Tomorrw - Nessie, by Bernina 820 will be away for a week or so,  therefore I will be working on some hand sewing...or using my other machine.
Handwork I think!!
That way I may catch up on some things :)


Desley said...

Thanks for sharing Joan - some beautiful quilts. Nice to see my quilt is ok as it travels around :)

Cathi said...

What gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Scarlet said...

Are you going to put up some more pics?! I can't get there til Sunday. That's too far away!

Joan said...

Hi Scartlet - I do have more quilts to show, but am busy doing some quilting before my sewing machine goes for its service. I hope to put them up tomorrow some time...hope its not too late for you :)