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Friday, May 18, 2012

Home and treasure

This beautiful sunset, at home in Leschenault last night.

Its been a beautiful couple of days with soft warm sunshine - not too hot...and cold crisp evenings.
We have had the fire on in the house for days...
This photo was taken from our side lawn.

And then there are some of my treasures.

I found these lovely pieces in an 'antique' shop at an old historic house on the outside of our shopping centre.
Couldnt resist - as I hope to do some work like Cindy Needham  does - I do love her work and am so glad she is to be our tutor in the Free Motion Quilt Challenge next month.  I am sure they are not old, but they will be wonderful to practise on.
You will find some wonderful examples of Cindy's quilts and quilting on the above Free Motion Quilt Challenge site.

Back soon I hope - Off to wash some of my treasures.

Oh - and I just remembered it Friday night sew in!!  See you there.


Raewyn said...

Gorgeous photo Joan!! I went and checked out Cindy's work - beautiful, I can see why you are so inspired by her work. I'm sure you will have fun with the doilies.

Színek és álmok said...

Oh, wonderful pieces of beautiful Cindy education and look forward to the show next month. I really like the good old hand-crafted works, re-used to turn today's era.
Marika nice days