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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Free-Motion Quilt Challenge 2012

Free Motion Quilt challenge for May

I have finally got some sewing done , and have sewn my FMQ Challenge for May
kindly organised by SewCalGal

Its only a small piece.
You can probably see where I got a bit fuzzled doing the railroad tracks - I had some problems with my machine for a while - all OK now though.
I even got some binding on it, and will use it in the kitchen to put hot things on!
I did the soft curves first and then the railroad tracks - they were fun...  and a thank you to Leah Day for the help and advice from her as the tutor for this month.  Leah, is a great quilter and so ready to share all her knowledge with others.
I have also been trying to get some of my sample quilting bound too.  A good exercise for me, as I need to try to perfect my binding and corner techniques.
 Also learnt a new thing from Joanne - Thread Head.
 and did these small corners so the quilt can hang on them with some dowel slotted in.  Never heard of that before.
And in the process of cleaning up and tidying my studio, I found small pieces that I had cut out AGES ago - and lost of course, so I put them together before I lost them again - and will sandwich it together soon.
This is one of my favorite blocks.
It will be a cushion to go with the WCQ,  which you may be surprised to know  - I am sewing on the binding!!



Mary Ann said...

Sew much fun to find treasures in your sewing room! I, too, need work (big time) on my binding. Perhaps SewCalGal will sponsor a binding a month next year?!? Your machine quilting looks great!

Raewyn said...

Great to hear you're dooing your wcq binding! Your Leah Day samples look fun. I loved that corner idea of Joanne's too - cant wait to try it out.